Ed is organized.  He runs his business and his personal life in a step by step fashion.  Clutter and disorganization drives Ed a little crazy and most of the time he is fine.  Travel, however, is often a challenge.  Airports, train stations and multiple venues can be overwhelming.  Ed used to dread travel until he found systems and products to help him stay on top of everything and keep organized.  Now days Ed sails through airports and check-in lines, and a big part of his new comfort comes from the Travelon Convertible Boarding Bag.

Travelon Convertible Boarding Bag

Many carry on bags are just bags with a few compartments and poor organizational space.  Airport security requires frequent document checks and security inspections.  The Travelon Convertible Boarding Bag makes the airline process easier with compartments for your travel documents and boarding pass.  The passport holder features a passport cover so you always know where it is.  Everything is at your fingertips. 

 When you have the Travelon Convertible Boarding Bag you won’t be the traveler holding up the line and searching for papers and documents.  Your ID, boarding pass and passport are secure and available when needed.  The travel organizer can be worn as a shoulder bag or waist pack.  It has an adjustable strap so you can carry it on your shoulder when you need easy access to the contents or wear it on your waist when security is of primary concern.

 This carry on with compartments for travel documents is available in three colors.  Ed, who is conservative in all his travel choices, chose black, but he bought his sisters one in red and the other in leopard.  Last time they took a trip together they both held up the lines, so gave them each one for their birthdays.  They love the look, he loves the organization.

 Never Leave Home Without It!

 Ed remembers traveling without the Travelon Convertible Boarding Bag and is amazed at what a difference a carry on with a place for your boarding pass and a passport holder can make.  The bag measures 9.5 inches high by 7 inches wide by 4 inches deep.  It’s designed to be light and easy to carry and give you the room you need for travel essentials.  It’s compact so it’s comfortable to travel with even in crowded planes.  Ed now uses the boarding bag for all his travels including business trips, domestic and international travel.  He never leaves home without it.

 This was Ed’s first experience with Travelon products.  Travelon offers more then 100 different travel items that are innovative and created to make travel easier.  Many of their items are patented and only available under their brand.

 Ed ordered the bag on line and saved almost 50% over store prices.  It was shipped in less then 72 hours of being ordered and arrived a few days later by small parcel.  Ed ordered several other travel items and used the bill Me Later option for his entire order.

 Click here if you’d like to learn more about the Travelon company and the innovative Travelon Boarding Bag.

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