Beth was returning home to Atlanta from her Caribbean cruise.  She had a very active week and was excited about returning home.  She waited in a long line to check in her suitcase and was a little nervous about the time.  She placed her one piece of luggage on the platform and looked up at the airline representative.  He was shaking his head.  “Sorry ma’am,” he said, “Your bag is too large.”  She was told she had to pay a $40.00 fee for over sized luggage or book another flight.  If she had packed with the Samsonite Space Saver Bags for Travel she wouldn’t have had any problems.


Many airlines have become very strict about luggage restrictions.  A bulge in your bag can be enough to have your suitcase rejected.  Beth opened her suitcase and repacked but she had to go back into line.  Her suitcase passed requirements the second time around, unfortunately she was too late for her plane, and she had to take a later flight.  Compression travel bags save space and allow you to pack more.  The Samsonite space travel bags are great for sweaters, jackets and bulky clothes.  They are also wonderful for cruises when cabinet space may be at a minimum. 

The Samsonite Space Saver Bags for Travel set includes 3 Medium 33.6cm W x 49.5cm H and 1 Large 44.4cm W x 57cm H.  Each bag features both airtight and watertight construction.  Each bag is reusable and can increase the capacity of your luggage by as much as 100%.  That’s almost like having 2 bags for packing space instead of one!

We often have to leave things behind due to storage limitations. Bulky sweaters or jackets  often stay at home only to be replaced on the road because the weather was chilly or unseasonable.  With these compression travel bags you can take shirts, sweaters, over coats and jackets you have left behind in the past.  If you have a favorite pillow or blanket go ahead and pack it.  If you use space travel bags, there will be plenty of room. The waterproof bags are also great for wet towels and bathing suits.  The wet items are contained so they can be packed with all your other clothes.

Samsonite – A Name You Can Trust

With a name like Samsonite you know you can trust the quality of these space travel bags. The Samsonite luggage company began in Denver, Colorado in 1910.  The company’s name was inspired by the biblical strongman Samson and stands for strength. They’ve been manufacturing quality travel gear for a century and their name stands for long lasting products which travelers have learned to trust. 

It’s easy to order on line and it only takes a minute.  Don’t delay or put it off.  Order the Samsonite Space Saver Bags today and have them ready for your next trip. Make sure to take a look at the other travel products that will get you through the lines and to your destination with a smile on your face.

You will find them so convenient and useful you’ll end up using them on every trip. Click here to learn more about the Samsonite Space Saver Bags.

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