Maggie recently made the observation that traveling seems to be taking  a lot longer these days.   A year ago her vacation started off poorly. The flight only lasted an hour, but she sat on the tarmac for two hours before it took off.  When she finally arrived at her destination she was exhausted and her neck hurt.  Last month she experienced the same type of flight delays, but when she landed, she was rested and feeling good.  This time around she brought the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow.

Lug Life Blanket and Pillow Set

Maggie decided to make the most out of her time on the plane so she loaded her MP3 with great music, packed 2 books by her favorite author and brought the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow.  The travel pillow and blanket set was easy to carry and made all the difference once she took her seat on the plane.  The set includes a soft fleece blanket, an inflatable u-shaped neck pillow and a matching zip pouch.

The Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow weights under a pound; only 14.4 ounces. It is also compact; 10.5” by 3.2” by 11”. Maggie had to transfer planes halfway through, so she really appreciated the compact and lightweight size.  Maggie pulled out her book, put in her ear pods and inflated her pillow.  Then she wrapped herself up in the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket and officially began her vacation.  She got through the first two chapters before she drifted off to sleep.  After the flight, she was in a great mood and ready to vacation.

Maggie loved the comfort and look of the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow.  It’s available in nine different colors.  Maggie choose sunset orange for herself and ocean blue for her husband.  The other color choices are grass green, navy blue, fog grey, crimson red, rose pink, midnight black and chocolate brown.  The both the blanket and cover are easy care.  Just machine wash in cold water and tumble dry.

Take the Snuz Sac Everywhere

Since the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow is easy to use and convenient to carry, Maggie decided to take it everywhere.  During the trip she used it on a tour bus and the train.  Last week when she went to visit her in-laws she brought it along and used it in the car.  Relaxing with the U-shaped pillow really made a difference.  Her husband drove and she snoozed.  When they arrived she was in a great mood and even offered drive home.

Order the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Blanket & Pillow online and take advantage of the sale price.  Look for other great travel products on this site and make every trip a pleasure.  It was voted one of the top 10 travel products in 2009 by Gadling@ Once you experience the comfort and quality you’ll know why it was listed as one of the best travel aids in 09.

Click here for more details about the Lug Life Snuz Sac U Travel Set and make sure to check out all the great colors.

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