USA Today reported that US airlines lost 10,000 pieces of luggage everyday day in 2005.  According to airline industry figures, over 2 billion bags are checked in each day.  98% of the bags that are misdirected are returned to their owners within 5 days.  The other 2% wait around for 90 days and then are sold to a store in Scottsboro Alabama.  The one best way not to be a statistic and avoid the hassle of lost luggage is to clearly tag your bag with the Slim Design Leather Luggage Tag by Lewis N. Clark.

Lewis and Clark leather Luggage Tags

Leather Luggage Tags

We’ve all been guilty of traveling with a poorly marked bag at one time or another.  Once I label my bags with those flimsy cardboard tags they handout at the bus stations and airports.  Then I lost a bag.  My bag was returned to me the next day, but the tag had fallen off.  I got lucky because the baggage agent was diligent and he matched the airport tracking tag with my information.  If I had a leather luggage tag, I might have gotten my bag faster.

The Slim Design Leather Luggage Tag comes in four colors; blue, green, black, and pink.  They are easy to see and these leather luggage tags made to last.  Why not order enough for all your friends and family.  These are great to give to students going to college or a friend who needs a vacation.

There are so many opportunities to drop or leave your bag.  Make sure to attach the leather tag to your carry on luggage, suit cases, and other bags you take on your travels.  People have labeled their golf clubs, sports bag and wig cases.  If you leave your valuables on a bus, in a taxi or in a hotel lobby the Slim Design Leather Luggage Tag by Lewis N. Clark might be the only way you’ll ever get it back.

Great Explorers Travel Smart

When the great explorers Lewis and Clark explored the American frontier they lost quiet a few things along the way.  If they had labeled them with a leather luggage tag from Lewis N. Clark maybe a few thing might have been returned.

Make sure you come home with the luggage you started out with by tagging each piece with the Slim Design Leather Luggage Tag by Lewis N. Clark.  Click here to learn more about color selection and ordering details.

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