Carol use to over pack and struggle with heavy luggage, overweight charges, and sore muscles by the second day of her vacation.  Not any more.  Carol has discovered the joy of light weight travel clothes and she’s usually ten pounds under airlines weight limits.  She has enjoyed two week vacations with just two medium sized suitcases.  Of course Carol always packs the Lewis N. Clark Laundry Kit . She uses a pack of Woolite and the sink stopper included in the kit and she’s good to go.

Woolite Travel Laundry Kit

Carol learned about the Lewis N Clark Laundry Kit a few years ago when she took a cruise to Alaska. Her cabin neighbor, Beth, told her about the Woolite solution.  She’d use the rubber sink stopper to turn her sink into a mini laundry station.  The packet of Woolite was just right, and it only took a few minutes before bed to wash and rinse out her essentials.

Carol bought the kit which included the 8 Woolite travel packets and a white sink stopper for sinks without plugs.  She decided to try packing light for her next business trip.  She had no trouble rinsing out her clothes and she loved the ease and convenience of taking on suitcase on the plane.  The other day she saw a woman struggling with two heavy suitcases.  She pulled out one of her Woolite travel packets from her toiletry bag and gave it to the over packed woman.

The travel laundry kit is a great idea for short trips but it is an absolute necessity for international travel.   Keeping your luggage light makes all the difference when it comes to bus tours, airport lines and frequent hotel changes.  You don’t want to spend your trip in soiled clothing or waste your time hunting down a washing machine and searching for laundry detergent.  If you do find laundry soap, it is often harsh and may damage your clothes.  With the Lewis N Clark Laundry Kit, you can turn any sink into your laundry center, so wash time is always on your schedule.

Stay Fresh on the Road

Woolite is famous for being gentle to fabric.  You know your clothes will be protected even if the water is hard.  Lewis N Clark is a company that has become famous for providing systems and products that make travel easier.  When you put the Woolite name together with Lewis and Clark you can be sure that this is a great idea.

Carol now plans ahead.  She has a few travel accessories that she keeps on hand and the Woolite Laundry Pack w/ sink stopper is always packed in her toiletry bag.  You can order your travel laundry kit online.  Include it on your packing list.  When you pack the Woolite laundry kit you can pack less clothes and that always makes traveling a lighter and brighter experience.

If you want to pack less and still look great, click here to find out more about the Woolite Travel Laundry Kit.

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