Kit and Danny were recently asked that famous question “what animal are you most like?” They both answered ‘dolphins’.  Nobody was surprised.  Kit and Danny love the water and spend every possible moment in the water, near the water or on the water.  They love cruises and always look for trips with ‘wet’ activities like boating, water hikes and scuba diving.  Most everything they own is either drip dry or waterproof.  Of course some items like money, passports and cell phones need a little help so Kt and Danny carry the Waterproof Tern Splash Caddy by LOKSAK, Inc. everywhere they go.

Waterproof Splash Caddy

The travel bag is a huge improvement over a backpack or camera bag because it is waterproof with a simple no nonsense design.  The gadget bag has a 420 denier nylon pouch and includes two leak proof liners.  Use the pouch for your important documents and money during day trips or boat rides.  It also protects small electronic devices like cameras and phones from high humidity areas.

The interior of the Waterproof Tern Splash Caddy by LOKSAK, Inc. is water proof and leak proof.  The dry bag has been tested at 200 feet underwater and all the contents remained dry because the interior of the travel bag really is leak proof.  The pouch is large enough to carry your essentials but sleek and compact so it’s easy to carry where ever you go.

The Splash Caddy is a must have for cruises.  It’s also a great idea for any day on the beach or boating adventure.  You can carry cash, keys and a camera with you and take them right into the water.  Nobody has to stay behind to keep an eye on things and you don’t have to worry about losing the car keys when your’re splashing in the ocean.  Keep your stuff dry and safe, and enjoy yourself.

Zip it up and Go

The Waterproof Tern Splash Caddy by LOKSAK, Inc. is designed with a nylon outer wallet and an interior watertight bag.  It is important to make sure the zipper is properly and completely zipped.  Once the travel bag is sealed, your items will stay dry.  Scuba divers have used this dry bag so you know it’s made to last.

The waterproof bag is available in two colors.  Kit chose black because it goes with everything she owns and Danny picked blue.  He liked the bright color.  The wallets can be worn around the waist and have an easy snap belt. The waistband adjusts up to 46”.  Kit doesn’t like putting her valuables in a purse at the airport, so she wears the pouch on the plane under her shirt.  She likes the ease and security.

Order your Waterproof Tern Splash Caddy by LOKSAK, Inc. on line and enjoy extra savings.  You might want to order one for yourself and one for a friend.  Take away the stress and worry of losing your valuables at the beach or having your items damaged by water or humidity. Click here to learn more about the Splash Caddy Dry Bags by LOKSAK.

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