I have a friend Susan who told me about these inflatable hangers. Whenever Susan used to travel, she had the same sinking feeling every time she opened the closet in her hotel room.  She would look at the number of hangers inside and would say the same thing out loud every time.  “Are you kidding me?”

Not anymore.  Now, on every trip, Susan packs along her Travelon Set of Inflatable Hangers.  The inflatable travel hangers fold up into nothing when it’s time to pack so Susan can blow them up when she’s ready to unpack and she has as many hangers as she needs.

Travelon Inflatable Hanger

From suits to blouses, dresses to skirts, slacks to cardigans, anyone who wants to take care of their clothes while traveling will benefit. Now you don’t have to worry about running out those few hangers provided for you in hotel rooms or cruise cabins and then deciding what to do with the rest of your clothes; a choice between overloading the few hangers you have, or folding and storing in drawers, which might mean wrinkled clothes and a frustrated traveler.

More than Convenient!

The shape of the hangers themselves are an added benefit. Not only is it great to have all those extra hangers, but their three-dimensional shape means that they hold clothes better than regular hangers. Spray a little Wrinkle Wiz on your jacket or shirt and use the form of the hangers to help restore the shape and get rid of the wrinkles.

After laundry or swim, hang up your bathing suit to dry on your inflatable travel clothes hanger and you’ll notice how the hanger holds the suit so that air can circulate between the front and the back. This enables your clothes to dry in fraction of the time.  Now, any worries you have about doing laundry while traveling have just been made even easier. Washing a few items in the sink and hanging them to dry on the travel hangers, can save yourself from over-packing and the hassle of worrying about excess luggage fees as well clothes that take forever to dry.

The Travelon Inflatable Hangers are made of a durable plastic, and will last for years. They come in sets of 2 hangers each. The hangers even come with a pants bar built in, so slacks can hang perfectly, and there are bottom hooks for those spaghetti strap dresses or delicate items. The plastic is sturdy and can withstand many trips. They may be a little hard to blow up at first, but that also means they won’t loose air once inflated. Personally I don’t mind it and I know Susan doesn’t.

So the next time you travel, throw a Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers into your luggage.  Not only will they help you hang your clothes properly when you arrive at your destination, but you can also cut down on how much you’re bringing with you, since you know you’ll be able to wash and dry with ease.

Click here to pick up one or more sets of the Travelon Inflatable Hangers, and never look inside that hotel closet or cruise cabin with dread again!

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