Jay and Polly both worked all their lives.  They raised three kids, paid a mortgage and dreamt of traveling. When the kids were young, they spent their vacations at the beach just an hour from home, but they never stopped  dreaming of visiting exotic places and seeing historic sites.  The kids got older and Jay and Polly were able to save up enough to finally go the vacations of their dreams.  Jay was a little nervous at first.  He had a couple health conditions that required medication daily, but Polly took it all in stride.  She ordered the Travel Pill Organizer and told Jay to pack their bags.  They took off for Tahiti.

Magellan Travel Pill Organizer

Vacations take us away from our regular routines and familiar surroundings.  That’s usually a good thing, but some routines are necessary.  If you take medication once or twice a day the Traveler’s Pill Organizer with Rx information pocket will keep you on track even when you are on the road.  You won’t have to pack medicine bottles that are easily lost or broken.  Just count out the medication you’ll need for your travels and put them in color coded bags.  The compact and lightweight pill dispenser has 16 individually labeled pouches for daytime and nighttime use.  The pouches feature easy to use slide locks so your medication and vitamins will stay safe and secure.

This weekly pillbox has several neat extras.  The Traveler’s Pill Organizer has a zippered pocket on the back to store your prescriptions and includes a medical reference card. If you need to refill your prescription or contact your doctor, all your information is readily available. Make sure to make a copy of all  your Rx information and keep it in the pouch.  This traveler’s aid takes one of the worries out of traveling.  Pack up you medication and information a few days before you take to the road, then sit back and enjoy the scenery.

The pillbox wallet is available in 4 colors: cherry red, midnight black, leaf green, and dark blue.  Many couples decide to order different colors so their traveler’s pill organizer is easy to recognize.  If you’re planning on a long trip, why not order two so your medication is ready for two weeks of travel.

A Wonderful Travel Gift

If you are wondering what to get for that friend or relative who has everything, consider ordering the Traveler’s Pill Organizer.  This neat little medication wallet weighs only 5 ounces and measure 7¾ x 4 x 1 inches.  It’s light and compact so if fits into any carry-on or purse.  This will become a permanent part of the travel kit.  The weekly pillbox is also a great gift for the business traveler.  If you like traveling light, the pill organizer with Rx information pocket will reduce the bulk of bottles or a traditional pill box.  The attractive wallet design has a Velcro closure and looks like a change purse or bill fold.

This specialized travel item might be difficult to find, so take a minute and order it now.  The online ordering process is simple.  You might also be interested in some of the other great travel aids like the Lights Out Sleep Mask or the Stop and Lock Luggage Scale.  Don’t forget to order a set of Traveler’s Pill Organizer Replacement Pouches with your order.

Order one for yourself and one as a gift.  Click here to learn more about the Magellan’s Travel Pill Organizer.

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    Great dispenser. The one I got on roadeavour is a bit different.

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