Chloe is 5’1’’, has bright green eyes and is a world traveler.  Many of her friends call her Fearless Chloe and wonder how such a little woman can travel to just about everywhere.  If you ask her how she got so brave, she’ll smile and tell you she’s not so brave, she’s just very smart.  Chloe does her homework and she doesn’t take chances.  She reads about the different countries and cities she visits and makes sure to avoid dangerous areas.  She follows TSA regulations and packs light so she can move in and out of the airports quickly.  She also protects her bags. She’s seen airport theft and she takes precautions so she won’t be the next statistic. She travels with quality luggage and adds extra protection to each of her suitcases with a StrapSafe™ 100.

Strap Safe 100

It only takes a few seconds for a suitcase to be stolen while waiting for a cab or reaching for another bag in the luggage carousel. Thieves usually want to move quickly.  They open the bag, grab the valuables and move on.  The StrapSafe™ 100 prevents thieves from popping a lock or forcing a catch.  Some luggage straps can be loosened and slipped off, not this one.  It has a patented “Baggage Constrictor technology so it cannot be loosened once it is locked.  The strap is made out of heavy duty nylon webbing so it is very difficult to cut, and once it is tightly fixed on the bag, it can’t be loosened.

The StrapSafe™ 100 follows all TSA (Travel Security Administration) regulations.  The snatch-proof 3 dial combination lock is TSA approved.  It can be safely opened and relocked by TSA luggage inspectors.  You won’t have to deal with any airport hassles and your baggage will stay safe.  If a TSA official does open your baggage, a display window will show that the bag was opened by TSA agents.

The bright yellow nylon strap is easy to spot so you can find your  bags quickly.Potential thieves will see it too, and they won’t want to touch your bags, since they are protected by the StrapSafe™ 100.  They’ll look for somebody else’s bag that has no real protection.  Add a quality identification tag to your bad, and you’ll be protected against both loss and thief. When you are on the road, you need your stuff, so keep it safe with a state of the art security strap.

All strapped up an Safe to Travel

When you take precautions to protect your belongings, you will feel safer and more confident.  The StrapSafe™ 100 is only 6 ounces so it won’t add extra weight to your bag.  The strap is adjustable from 95.5 cm to 190 cm so it will fit on almost every bag.

You can order on line and the security strap will arrive by small parcel delivery.  You can be a fearless traveler just like Chloe.  Click here to learn more about the StrapSafe™ 100 Luggage Strap.

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