There is no greater feeling than the soft touch of warm sand on your toes as you lay on a sunny Caribbean beach.  But who just sits on the beach anymore?

That’s why the Speedo Women’s Shore Cruiser II Water Shoe is the perfect water shoe.

The beach is the perfect place to relax after a day of jet skiing, snorkeling or waterfall climbing, but today’s vacationers are active and ready for adventure where ever they go.  So they need a wardrobe that can keep up and the trickiest part of any wardrobe are the shoes.

When you’re making the most of your vacation anywhere tropical, you’re going to want to get wet.  You need a pair of shoes that can go from dry, to wet, back to dry, and offer you all the protection your feet may need.

Speedo Women Shore Cruiser Water Shoe

The Speedo Women’s Shore Cruiser II Water Shoe has a rubber sole and mesh upper that molds right to your foot in a comfortable fit, snugly keeping your feet protected from rocks, pebbles, sand, or even the rough bottom of a swimming pool.  Since I usually don’t go barefoot outside when I’m not on vacation, I find that my feet are really sensitive.  Walking down a rocky beach, or across a hot parking lot, is downright painful, and so I love to keep my feet comfortable inside this fantastic water shoe.

The outsole is also designed for maximum drainage, which means when you step out of the water, you’re not dragging half the sea out with you.  The rubber sole is designed for maximum traction on any kind of slippery surface.

The waterproof shoe has an open mesh quarter panel for even better ventilation, making sure your shoe can dry off quickly, and its adjustable bungee drawstring cord means it will stay on, even during an active water aerobics class.

The Speedo Shore Cruiser II comes in size 5 to size 11, and you can choose either a subtle grey and blue pattern, or a flashy black and hot pink.

These water sport shoes are the perfect choice for any water-related activity.  Their fit, ventilated design and rubber sole will keep your feet protected, and will keep you from slipping, no matter what you’re doing.

Why risk wet running shoes on a day out sea kayaking, when you can pack the perfect pair of lightweight water shoes instead?  Why worry about slipping on your glass-bottom boat tour, when the Shore Cruiser’s rubber sole can keep you sure-footed?  Why stub your toes and step on rocks when you’re out snorkeling with stingrays, when a solid pair of well-fitted beach water shoes will keep your focus on the fun time you’re having? These are the perfect shoes for that shore excursion to Dunns River Falls, when you’ll need your shoes to stay on feet.

You don’t even have to be out scuba diving in the coral reef to need a good pair of beach water shoes.  The Speedo Shore Cruiser II is also perfect for that walk from the cruise ship pool back to your room, or a gentle stroll down a pebbly beach in Mexico.

So before you head out on your next trip, click here to get a pair of these great Speedo Women’s Water Shoes into your suitcase, and keep your feet safe, and your trip worry-free, no matter what kind of adventure comes your way.

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