Marriage often means adjusting to your partners needs.  For Henry it meant changing some of his sleeping habits.  Wendy has always been a very light sleeper and all sorts of things wake her up from a sound sleep.  Over the years, Henry has adapted.  He put up special light blocking curtains in the bedroom and he sound proofed the walls.  Travel is still a problem, though. He does his best to darken the room for her and keep things quiet, but he needed an alarm clock he could count on and see in the dark.  He was delighted when he found the Magellan Smart Lite Travel Alarm Clock.

The clock is small and easily fits in Wendy’s purse or carry on, and it has an easy to read lighted face.  The digital travel alarm clock senses when the room is dark and automatically turns on the back light.   The soft lighted clock face puts off a soft light that doesn’t brighten the room.  It has a large LCD display so it’s readable from a short distance, which is good for Henry, because he hates to move around and wake up Wendy.

The global travel alarm clock runs on one AAA battery which is included.  It also has all the features you’d expect in a quality travel alarm clock.  It has a snooze feature, easy to set buttons, and ascending volume alarm.  This compact clock measures 3 x ¾ x 2 ¼”.    It’s a great gift and if you order on line, the clock can be gift bagged.

Magellan is a travel company that knows what travelers need and offers quality supplies they can count on.  You could include the Smart Lite Travel Alarm Clock in your travel kit along with other great travel aids like a luggage scale, Lights Out Sleep Mask, Mesh packing cubes, and motion sickness bracelet. Put the travel alarm clock with these other travel supplies and keep them together for your next trip.

In and Out on Time
Sleeping in can be disastrous if you need to catch an early flight or bus.  The Smart Lite Travel Alarm Clock is also great to set during the day if you need to make a show or get to a restaurant at a special time.  We all know that our time sense goes a little crazy when we are on vacation, so a reliable alarm clock can be a treasure.

Have the time of your life on your next cruise or vacation. Click here to find out more about the Magellan Travel Alarm Clock.

Update: Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. The best replacement we’ve found is Equity by La Crosse 70905 Soft Blue Cube LCD Alarm Clock

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  1. Lori Riley says:

    Are there any always lighted alarm clocks slightly larger?

    Lori R.

  2. Barry McConnell

    Not that I’ve been able to find. About the best replacement I’ve seen is this one Equity by La Crosse 70905 Soft Blue Cube LCD Alarm Clock
    Barry McConnell recently posted..Q: How Much Cash Do I Need to Bring?My Profile
    Twitter: CruiseDork

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