Jack is a walking contradiction.  Jack wakes up a half an hour before he has to 48 weeks a year. He can’t sleep in even on weekends.  He wakes up every morning rain or shine, no matter the season, unless he’s on vacation.  When his vacation weeks begin, his internal clock goes on sabbatical. Now most of the time, this is great, unless he’s traveling and wants to get somewhere early.  Then Jack needs help.  He doesn’t need an alarm clock at home, but on the road Jack relies on the Seiko Travel Clock

.Seiko Travel Alarm Clock

He  discovered he needed the Seiko Travel Alarm clock during his vacation to France.  He knew his internal alarm clock didn’t work during vacations, so he relied on wake up calls from the hotel.  He had scheduled an all day tour of the Louvre and planned to wake up early, but the hotel phone didn’t ring, or maybe he slept through the ring.  Anyway, he overslept and missed the tour.  He had already paid for the tour, and was very disappointed.  He picked up a cheap digital travel alarm clock during his trip, but it broke before his vacation ended.  As soon as he returned home, he went online and found the Seiko Travel Alarm Get Up and Glow Clock.

The travel alarm clock weighs only 4 ounces so it’s easy to pack.  The small compact size fits easily into your carry on, purse, laptop case or toiletries bag.  The clock has an easy to read glow in the dark face with black numbers on a bright blue background, so it shows up brightly no matter the light.  The clock features a date setting along with the time.  If you ever loose track of the days while you’re on vacation, seeing the day of the week on the clock can be a big help.

Making the Most of your Vacation Time

The Seiko alarm clock also offers a choice of snooze, one time alarm or no alarm.  Jack likes the snooze setting.  He also likes the dependability of Seiko clocks.  The Japanese company is over 125 years old and is known for innovation in the art and science of time.  Seiko innovations include the first quartz wristwatch and improvements using kinetic technology.  Seiko technology established the standard in Olympic and sports timing.  That was good enough for Jack.

Add the Seiko Travel Alarm Get Up and Glow Clock to your travel kit because when you are traveling time is precious.  Whether you choose sleep in or wake up early, take control of your precious time off.

You can order online and receive your Seiko Travel Alarm a few days later.  Don’t procrastinate, put time on your side and order your clock today. Click here to learn more about the Seiko Travel Alarm Clock.

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