For nearly 100 years, Samsonite has been developing its reputation for sophisticated and innovative travel products while continually maintaining their craftsmanship. By identifying new trends in travels, Samsonite has been able to keep travel exciting for seasoned travelers as well as novices. Samsonite believes their tag line – “Life’s a Journey” embodies their Brand, and symbolizes the role Samsonite continues to play in the multi-faceted life of the global traveler. After using many of their products for years, I can attest they’re on the right track.

Samsonite Dual Voltage Garment SteamerWhen planning for a trip, we all want to pack in such a way that we minimize the wrinkles we end up with when we arrive at our hotel room or cruise ship cabin. Just know that you’re going to end up with some things that will not be as perfect as when you packed them; there’s no magic fairy dust.

You’ll also need to be prepared for what a travel steamer really is. It’s not your professional steamer with a gallon water tank on wheels that can steam your drapes, 10 formal gowns, 5 suits and 4 pairs of pants, before you exhaust the reservoir. The bigger your ‘travel’ or ‘compact’, steamer is, the less weight and less room you’ll have in your suitcase for other things like clothes or another pair of shoes. For me, I’ll gladly refill a little steamer that fits perfectly in my suitcase and allows me to take an extra outfit for that special dinner in the upscale restaurant on our cruise.

The Samsonite Dual Voltage Garment Steamer is a lightweight travel steamer that fits nicely in your suitcase and quickly removes the wrinkles from your clothes. Its dimensions are 4.25 x 2.75 x 7.00 inches and weighs a measly 1.3 lbs. It’s lightweight with a compact design and has a fold-away handle. There’s also a detachable brush and power-on light which is really nice instead of having to guess when it’s ready. It has a decent capacity reservoir (with water line window) that fills easily under a tap. There is an anti-spill baffles mechanism that helps prevent hot water leakage. It’s dual voltage, which means it comes with 240/120 voltage operation for worldwide use. The material is ABS Plastic with TPR trim. TPR is Therma Plastic Rubber, the stuff used to make comfortable textured grips on zipper pulls, carry handles and pads for shoulder straps.

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  1. Jane says:

    Shame it isn’t available any more – looks like something I could use.

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