Lacy and Max are one of those perfect couples.  They love spending time with each other and never seem to get bored.  Some of their friends have wondered how two totally different people can possibly get along so nicely, but they do.  For example, Lacy is very neat and orderly and Max is an outdoors enthusiast and a bit of a slob.  When Max invited Lacy on a 5 day hike everyone was shocked when she said yes.  Their friends were even more amazed when she came home neat and clean.  Their secret was the Rick Steves Travel ClotheslineMax bought it for Lacy before he asked her on the hike.  As long as she could rinse out her clothes each night, she was happy to hike.

A few months later Max and Lacy went on a cruise.  They were so excited about all the ship activities they didn’t think they’d have time to experience everything.  Fortunately Lacy remembered to pack the Rick Steve’s White Travel Clothesline so they didn’t have to waste anytime at the laundry.  The clothesline takes up less space then a drying rack so it’s perfect for travel.

Lacy even packs it for short trips.  It’s easy to use in hotel rooms and it only takes a minute to rinse out her light clothes and be fresh and clean for the next day.  You can avoid over packing and save time by washing at hotels instead of laundries.

The travel clothesline is simple to use.  It stretches up to 7 feet easily attaching to a door knob, window latch or other fixtures.  The clothesline holds up to 20 lbs of wet clothes.  The triple braided design makes clothespins unnecessary.  The Rick Steve’s White Travel Clothesline has no hard metal hooks or sharp parts, so its soft and fits almost anywhere in your bag. Consider ordering the Lewis N. Clark Laundry Kit and you’ll be ready to wash and go.

What’s Your Line?

The clothes line is lightweight and will allow you to pack less.  Adding the line to your travel kit will let you have more time to travel, explore and relax.

You can order the travel clothesline online. Make the most out of every travel moment.  Click here to learn more about the  Rick Steves Travel Laundry Clothesline.

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