You wouldn’t know that a crime is happening.  You’re walking through the airport, passport in hand, happily chatting with your family.  You don’t notice the man with the laptop computer, or the small backpack, sitting quietly on the other side of the room.  And you don’t feel a thing as he uses his hi-tech equipment to eavesdrop on the radio communication between your passport and the border agent’s scanner.  You have no idea that he has just stolen your personal data, including your name, your citizenship, your date and place of birth and even your photo. The Magellan RFID Passport/Ticket Wallet could have prevented this.

Radio frequency (RF) chips were put inside US passports in 2006, allowing information about the passport holder to be scanned and read much more quickly than regular passport screening.  The technology is also used in passports by many European countries, Australia, Korea and Taiwan.  Radio frequency identification (RFID) is fast becoming the norm around the world.

Magellan RFID Wallet

While this has lead to safer borders and faster processing, it has also opened up a whole new world of concern about your privacy, and the security of your personal data.

Keep Your Electronic Information Safe

Everyone accepts that border officials have a right to scan the information from your passport, but how far away can someone else scan it without you knowing?  The State Department initially said that the chips inside the passports could only be screened from about 4 inches away, but critics claim the information can be detected at up to 33 feet, leaving the holder open to information theft, and targeting.

What hackers can do with your information is truly frightening. They can take that data to create a new passport, and use that to get a social security number, and credit cards.  Then, they can assume your identity, wreak havoc with your finances, or even use your identity to commit acts of terror.

Concerns about keeping your data safe has lead to the development of products designed to hold your RFID passport, and secure your information, such as Magellan’s RFID Passport/Ticket Wallet.

The RFID Passport/Ticket Wallet acts as a protective shield for your passport and other forms of ID.  It’s made of leather, with a protective shield inside it, which blocks any access to the information in the chip, until the wallet is open and you remove your documents to show at the border.  It provides an inconspicuous way to protect your personal information from any hackers who are looking to access your data without you knowing.

The left side of the wallet is sized for your passport.  The right side can hold your credit cards, driver’s license or any other ID.  There are also slots for your boarding pass and your cash, so you can use it as your document travel wallet.

It comes in black, khaki or light blue, and is suitable for both men and women.  For added safety, you can even wear it around your neck or your belt. It’s lightweight and comes with an adjustable neck cord and a belt loop.

Not many people report that their personal information has been stolen from their RFID passports by hackers, but most people have no idea it’s even happened.  Data theft is an invisible crime, you aren’t aware of it until it has a disastrous impact on your life.

So why not play it safe, and make sure your personal information is secure?  It buys you peace of mind about the security of your personal information, and your personal safety as you travel. Before you leave for your cruise, make sure all your information is locked inside Magellan RFID Travel Wallet .

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