I’ve tried several different types of shoes for both expeditions and water activities over the last several cruises and finally found the Teva Women’s Dozer Sandal for my last cruise. It was perfect the shoe for all our excursions and it’s even become a favorite here at home.

One of the most important pieces of clothing you need to bring with you when cruising the Caribbean is a pair of water shoes. In every port there are options for water excursions. Having a great pair of will allow you to enjoy yourself without worrying about slipping or falling. The Teva Dozer Sandal’s will also serve as great walkers for shopping or exploring any of the natural zoos or climbing through the trees to experience those fantastic zip lines!

The Teva sandal is a combination of the perfect summer shoe and a fantastic hiking shoe.  It’s just as breathable as a light sandal, but it also comes with the heel and toe reinforcements of a hiking shoe, providing full foot coverage with plenty of protection.

Teva Dozer Sandal

Comfort and Strength Woven Together
The upper shoe is made of mesh and synthetic so it won’t stretch or tear, and this water shoe has a great pull cord for one-pull adjustment, so it fits well, and will stay on, even if you’re walking in water!

There is no fabric in the bottom of the shoe, so you can get it as wet as you like, without every worrying about sliding around, or the shoe breaking apart.  The rugged treads on the sole will keep you from slipping.  The straps are also made of extra durable synthetic, and the Velcro closure is one of the strongest I’ve seen,  so I know this shoe will stand up to anything.  All that, and the heel is padded for extra comfort.

I really like the fact that this shoe lets my feet breathe. With the air mesh upper and sandal design, my feet never get too hot, even I wanted to hike up the Mayan ruins in Mexico.  The shoe is made with Microban zinc-based anti-microbial protection, so there’s never a worry about odor.

The Teva Dozer sandal comes in a variety of fun colors.  My pair are light grey with pink trim, but they also come in several different color combinations: Mermaid (grey with yellow trim), Mocha, Grape and Deco Rose (grey with light pink trim).

Before your next trip, do your feet a favor and click here to pick up a pair of Teva Women’s Dozer Sandal.  Pick up two pairs, and you’re ready to go anywhere your feet will take you!

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