Into each life a little rain must fall, said the famous American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and how right he was!  And doesn’t it always seem to fall when you’re on vacation?

That’s why the smart traveler always has a handy Totes Clip Case Mini-Umbrella with him where ever he goes.

Let’s face it, rain is a part of life, and while you may not even notice a light shower on your way home from work tomorrow, it can seem disastrous while you’re trying to rest and relax on your holiday.

But rain is good, and it happens, especially in the warmer, tropical climates.  Across most of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, it seems as if it rains every day, at a specific time, for about 10 to 15 minutes.  It rains just enough to keep the jungles and flowers lush and the streets clean, and the skies clear immediately after it’s done.

So, there’s no reason to let a little rain get in your way.  The Totes mini umbrella is just 8 inches in size, which is small enough to fit easily into any size bag or purse, and it opens up to a broad 44 inches, big enough to keep you dry in even the strongest downpour.

Totes Mini Umbrella

Its nylon shell comes in basic black or trendy blue, and won’t leak, even when it gets super soaked, which is unusual and welcome in a travel umbrella.

The Totes Clip Case Auto Open/Auto Close Umbrella also comes with a 100 per cent polyester cover, to keep your belongings dry when you store it after the rain, and it has a handy clip case in case you want to carry it on your belt, briefcase or luggage.

I love that it’s even small enough to carry in a planner pocket, and that it really is just one button to open and close with one hand.  Its frame is durable, and lasts for countless openings and closings without breaking or folding the frame.

You may not think you need an umbrella on vacation, but the Totes Clip Case Auto Open/Auto Close Umbrella is so small when it’s folded up, you won’t even notice it when you’ve got it stowed away in your backpack.

So, when that tropical rain starts to pound on your way back from the golf course in Barbados, you are going to be so pleased that you brought it along as you make your way back to the ship with a dry shirt and dry hair.  You can even use it as a mini sun umbrella, to keep that blazing midday sunshine out of your eyes.

You can control a lot of aspects of your vacation, from where you go to what you do and how much you pay, but you know you can’t control the weather.  Your best bet is to just be prepared for what comes your way. Click here to find your Totes Travel Umbrella ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

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