I love taking pictures and little videos, but I’ve got a friend that travel photography has been a life-long passion. She’s spent hours pouring over photography books for tips on how to take great travel pictures.  She’s even taken classes, and over the years she’s bought all the right equipment for any kind of photography.

So, when I saw found the CamSafe Shoulder Camera Bag, I had to tell her about it. Next thing I knew, she knew had already tried out and said her days of stressing over packing up her camera equipment and keeping it safe were over.

When it comes to packing a camera bag, even amateur photographers know there are challenges.  You need a camera pouch that is lightweight and easy to carry.  It has to be padded, to keep the equipment inside safe, and it needs to keep everything organized, so it’s easy to grab when that perfect picture presents itself.
CamSafe Shoulder Camera Bag

For Margaret, the CamSafe™ camera travel bag does all that and more.

Because she travels extensively and always carries her photography gear with her, Margaret used to be concerned about safety.  Not anymore.

The CamSafe™ padded bag has steel reinforced eXomesh panels that are specifically designed to be slash-proof.  Even the strap is slash-proof, and it’s adjustable from 32 inches to 57 inches, for perfect portability.  The camera bag also features an attached cable combo lock that can anchor to any fixture, making the camera pouch virtually theft-proof.  For extra security, its lid even flips outward, so people can’t see inside your bag to find out what you’re carrying.

It’s a fully padded travel bag, and its adjustable divider and expandable front compartment mean that Margaret can reorganize the bag depending on what camera and camera accessories she feels like bringing along.  It’s roomy at 9½ by 7¾ by 5 inches  in size.  Not only that, but the inside divider can be moved around and re-positioned with Velcro tabs to accommodate whatever she feels like bringing.  It’s a good fit for her digital SLR camera and additional lenses, but reconfigures easily if she wants to throw in her Flip Cam, her iPod and her wallet.

Ditch the Purse, Carry the Camera Travel Bag Instead

In fact, when Margaret travels, she often just carries her CamSafe™ Shoulder Camera Bag as a purse.  With a front zippered pocket that can hold maps and her passport, and a mesh pocket for keys and her cell phone under the front flap, there’s no need to carry an extra bag.  It’s large enough to pack everything she needs, but small enough and light enough to carry all day without getting tired.  Margaret just lengthens the strap so she can wear it diagonally across her chest and her hands are free to take more perfect pictures

On her next trip, Margaret is hoping to catch some amazing wildlife shots in Hawaii.  From orchids and butterflies to humpback whales and Hawaiian geese, the islands are packed with colorful and unique animals waiting to be captured on camera.  She’s got her suitcases packed and her CamSafe™ Shoulder Camera Bag stocked and ready to go.

The next time you head out on vacation, store your camera and camera accessories in a CamSafe Shoulder Bag , where you know everything you need for memorable vacation photos will be safe, protected and incredibly easy to access.

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