Chad is a gizmo guy.  He loves all the new electronic gadgets and he uses every device he purchases.  Chad also loves to travel.  He booked a 2 week cruise through several Pacific Island Paradises and planned to take hundreds of pictures daily.  He told all his Facebook Friends about his upcoming adventure.  Three days before he left on the cruise, he got a Twitter from a good friend telling him to open the package he was sending and pack the contents. A day before he left, his friend’s gift arrived; it was a SCOTTEVEST Packable Windbreaker.  He later twittered that the nylon Windbreaker was the best present he ever got.

Packable Jacket by SCOTTEVEST

Chad got hit by rain on the first day on Tahiti. He had packed 2 cameras, his iPod and his new iPad.  The rain jacket is waterproof so Chad stayed dry, but it also has 17 pockets so he had a place for all his gadgets.  There’s even a pocket especially designed for the iPad.  He was able to keep all of his valuable electronics safe and he stayed comfortable.  He put the pictures he took that day on his Facebook page.

Even though Chad got the waterproof jacket just a day before he left, he had no problem finding room for it in his suitcase.  The windbreaker packs neatly into its own back pocket.  It has a stowable hood, ergonomic zippers and folds up into itself.  Chad, soon discovered that the jacket had so many pockets, that he could wear the packable windbreaker and leave the carry on behind.  It’s a great way to travel light with the Travel Smart System.

The nylon windbreaker is a bit of a modern miracle.  It has a patented personal area Network for wire management.  The windbreaker is engineered with a mesh lining for ventilation and breathability.  It has No Bulge ® clear touch pockets so the jacket looks great.

A Jacket for All Seasons

The Packable Windbreaker by SCOTTEVEST® is ideal for windy days, light or heavy rains, and chilly weather.  The jacket is also easy to take care of because it’s machine washable.  You can order the nylon jacket in five fun colors; Cobalt, Graphite, Olive, Red, and Yellow.

This is the ultimate jacket for travel.  It’s light, it looks great, and you can carry your entire electronic collection in your pockets.  There’s a place for you phone, iPod, camera, iPad, and even a key holder. Other pockets include a Bud Buckets® pocket for your earbuds and an eyeglass chamois.  There are also collar loops, pen/stylus pockets, a change pocket and a bottle holder. Also look for the Collar Connect® and  Deep Pockets®.

You can order it online and it will arrive by small parcel delivery.  You can pack it away or wear it on the plane, fill the pockets and the leave the carry on at home.

Now you can wear a jacket that has a pocket for everything. Click here to find out more about the Packable Windbreaker by SCOTTEVEST®

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