Every parent knows that traveling with small children can be a delight, and a nightmare.  It’s an incredible experience, opening up the world for your kids, and watching the delight on their faces as they swim with dolphins or laugh it up on the ship’s water-slide.  It’s the organizing that can be the hard part.

Having children means having a lot of “stuff”, and traveling with them means sorting out what “stuff” they need to bring.  So, it helps to be able to give them a special bag of their own, where they can pack the things they absolutely need to bring along.  When it comes to choosing the right bag for your kids, the American Tourister Atties 2 Piece Kid’s Luggage Set is the perfect choice.

First of all, it’s incredibly cute.  Kids (and parents) will just love the animal shapes and styles.  The idea of going away from home can be a little daunting for very young children.  Older children want a sense of independence, of being able to do things for themselves.  In both cases, this adorable kid’s suitcase shaped like a penguin or a tiger is the perfect solution.

Perfect for Kids
Each set comes with both the small upright kid’s rolling luggage at (17 x 13 x 6.3) which has it’s its own kid-sized handle and smooth rolling wheels  and a mini backpack  perfectly sized at (9 x 10 x 6.5), to fit comfortably on your child’s back.  The toddler backpack has comfortable shoulder straps, actually fitted to suit a child’s size, and both bags have zippered openings for easy access to the large compartments inside.

Atties 2pc Kids Luggage

When it comes time to pack for your trip, give each of your kids their little set of luggage. The colors are bold and easy to spot.  A penguin set for your daughter, the tiger design for your son.  They’ll love how great the bags look, and it will make them feel all grown up to have a bag of their own.

The kids rolling luggage is durable and easy to check, and just large enough for them to bring the items they really want on their trip.  The kid’s backpacks are perfect for carry-on, allowing them to pack everything they need for a long flight or car ride.  Not only does the toddler backpack give your child the independent feeling of being able to pack and carry their own things, but it also helps take that one piece of luggage off of your hands. (Although, in case your child decides they’ve had enough carrying for the day, the kid’s backpack also comes with an easy access carry handle designed just for grown ups.)

So, when you’ve decided to take your kids traveling, and you’ve booked the trip and suddenly realized you need all the help you can get:  Pick up the American Tourister Specialty Kids’ Luggage Set.  It’s the perfect set of children’s luggage to make your next trip hassle-free, and adorable!

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