Zachary tries to pack as much into his vacation days as he possibly can.  He doesn’t mind taking red eye flights or midnight trips on the train.  He figures if he can rest why he’s in transit, he’ll have more time to site-see and enjoy the trip.  His philosophy didn’t work in the beginning.  A few years ago he would travel at night and be exhausted for the first couple days of his vacation.  He often had trouble drifting off to sleep and when he woke up he didn’t always feel rested.  Then he discovered the Lights Out Sleep Mask. This simple sleeping aid helps him get a good nights rest so he can get the most out of his holidays.

Lights Out Sleep Mask

The Lights Out Sleep Mask is designed to promote REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the deepest most rejuvenating type of sleep.  The ultra soft mask blocks out light so your sleep is undisturbed.  Unlike some sleep masks, the Lights Out Sleep Mask is molded to take pressure off of your face and eyes.  It doesn’t press on your eyelids, preventing natural eye movement.  You can relax and fall into a deep restful sleep.

The Lights Out Sleep Mask is also designed for comfort.  It has an elasticized strap that can be adjusted with Velcro closures for a comfortable fit.  The mask can be tightened to stay snug so it won’t slip and slide off your face.  The therapeutic sleep mask fits most adults and it measures 9 ½ inches by 3 ¾ inches by ¼ inches.  It only weighs an ounce.

The foam sleep mask is ideal for both men and women.  It comes in four fun colors.  You can choose from black, turquoise, blue, and pink.  The masks are offered at a great price and they are so light weight, you might forget that you’re wearing one. Why not buy a his-and-hers set so you both can both sleep on the plane.

With this Sleep Mask, You Can Even Blink

If you are easily disturbed when you sleep this is a travel must.  The soft sleep mask allows your eyelids to blink but keeps all the light out.  Sometimes hotel rooms have curtains and shades that do not fully cover the window.  If you have a room on the wrong side, watch out, the sun rise might just wake you up at the crack of dawn.  With the Lights Out Sleep Mask you don’t have to depend on the hotel curtains.   You control the light and your sleep.

You can order your therapeutic sleep masks on line.  They make great gifts so why not order a few.  Click here to find out more about the Lights Out Sleep Mask.

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