Katie saved, planned, and shopped for her dream cruise for almost a year.  She went to dozens of stores searching for the right clothes to guarantee her the right look for the 10 day Caribbean Cruise.  She carefully packed her bag, boarded the ship and settled into her cabin.  Unfortunately when she unpacked her luggage, just about everything was a wrinkled mess. She felt awful when she sat down for her first dinner onboard and Jack, one of her fellow passengers at her table noticed she was upset.  Kate felt a little silly, but admitted that she was disappointed that her new clothes looked so bad.  Jack smiled and told her about Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz.  He assured her that he could solve her problem.

Jack brought a bottle of the Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz over to Katie’s cabin after dinner.  He said he used it whenever he went on business trips and loved the results.  He sprayed it on one of Katie’s wrinkled skirts and it worked like magic.  She changed into the skirt and spent the evening dancing with Jack.

The wrinkle free spray eliminates wrinkles without ironing or steaming.  You can use the anti wrinkle spray after removing your garments from the dryer and later to refresh your clothes.  The spray reduces static cling and allows you to look great without ironing. That helps keep your dry cleaning bill low so you can afford a few more great looking outfits for the next cruise.

The Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz is easy to use, even onboard a cruise ship.  First, place your garment on a hanger or flat surface and spray generously holding the anti-wrinkle treatment about 6 or 8” away from clothing item.  Stretch and smooth out the wrinkles and then allow a few minutes for the garment to dry.  The fabric “relaxers” are made to dewrinkle all types of fabrics with out staining or leaving marks.  They must have named this wrinkle remover the Wrinkle Wiz because it works like magic.

A Dry Cleaner in a Bottle

Lewis N. Clarks Wrinkle Wiz is truly as good as a mini dry cleaners that fits into your suitcase.  The 2 oz travel size container meets carry on guidelines so you can pack it in your purse or carry on and have it handy when you land.  This product is proudly made in the USA.  Remember this works on all fabrics so you can feel comfortable using it on anything that needs anti wrinkle treatment. You might even want to take some before and after pictures-the fast results are amazing.

Katie will be sure to pack a bottle of Lewis N. Clarks Wrinkle Wiz for her next cruise, and she’ll make sure to bring an extra for Jack.  It’s a honeymoon cruise.

You’ll experience love at first site too, when you see how great this wrinkle free spray really is.  Click here to learn more about the Travel Size Wrinkle Wiz.

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  1. Morella says:

    I have used Wrinkle Wiz for over a year now and am amazed each time at the results. It truly works like magic. i’m a big fan!!

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