Ok, I admit it; I’m an Uber-Geek. On any given day I carry enough electronics that if I turned them all on at once I would shut down every plane at the LAX airport. When you carry that much gear, keeping it organized is crucial. That’s why I like the Korchmar Adventure Gadget Organizer.

Korchmar Adventure Gadget OrganizerThree large mesh pockets hold your chargers, PDA, cell phone, wireless mouse, power adapters or other bulky items. Cables, iPods, WiFi connectors, flash drives, memory cards, ear buds and all sorts of loose stuff can be neatly organized in the twelve 2.25” elastic sections, arranged in two rows. For larger items, like a set of headphones, there’s a full length neoprene pocket on the back. The overall dimensions are 10″ H x 14″ W x 0.5″ D and it weighs about 1.5 lbs.

Korchmar is continuing in its tradition of providing quality, durable products with the Korchmar Adventure Gadget Organizer. Ideal for the cruise enthusiast or first time traveler, there is enough organization for both computer accessories and entertainment devices. The Korchmar brand has always stood for durability and quality at a fair price. Providing their customers with customer service and quality products has never gone out of style.

The Adventure Gadget Organizer is a multipurpose organizer for the person with all those wonderful little toys. Not only does the Adventure Gadget Organizer provide a place for everything in your carry-on or suitcase, but it also keeps things easily accessible while in limited spaces such as hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins. Those days of digging through piles of cords and gadgets, hoping to find the right cord for the particular player, game or camera are over. Pass through airport security without a second glance as they’re able to see everything neatly laid out. This is a must have for the geek.

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