Bill loves to travel, loves being active and adventurous, he just hates carrying a wallet.  He always has.  He says it bulks out his back pocket, it makes his pants fit oddly, and he just feels like it’s not necessary.  On vacation though, Bill drives his wife and kids nuts by always asking them to keep track of the room key and his money and credit cards.

So for Christmas last year, his wife Liz bought him a Kwik Tek Dry Pak Alligator Wallet.  They were planning a family Caribbean cruise for New Year’s, and she had decided she was not going to spend another vacation being what she called “the Human Wallet”.

Bill was a little skeptical at first.  It was a wallet, after all right?  A waterproof beach wallet, but a wallet all the same.  Until Liz pointed out that it was a waterproof neck wallet, that would keep Bill’s pockets empty, his hands free, and even his money dry.

Kwik Tek Dry Pak Alligator Wallet

The Kwik Tek Alligator Wallet comes with an adjustable neck lanyard, so Bill could simply slip it over his head and head off to the pool, or to explore the Mayan ruins on his shore excursion in Cozumel, or even to swim with the dolphins.  All while Liz never had to worry about staying close in case he needed to buy something.

Always Dry and Out of the Way

Its size is four inches by four inches.  That’s large enough to store a few credit cards, some cash, car keys and even your passport, if you wish.  It’s also small enough that it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy around your neck.

When the family went off on their cruise, the waterproof pocket worked like a dream.  Bill carried his room key in it when he went on the waterslides with the kids.  He carried money, credit cards and the key on his snorkeling excursion with Liz in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. When they stopped in Ocho Rios and climbed Dunns River Falls he was knew he had a bargain.  He even wore it to the casino, underneath his shirt, to hold his key and his cash. One thing he loved about it was that no one knew he had it on.

It worked so well that when they got home, Liz bought another waterproof neck wallet for herself.  When summer came, she used her Dry Pak Alligator Wallet at the beach with the kids.  No more hiding her car keys under her towel when she went swimming, and no more bringing her purse along on sailing trips.

Kwik Tek also makes other dry pak waterproof cases for other carry-along items such as cameras and cell phones, and Bill already has a few picked out for the kids stockings for next Christmas.

To make sure you fully enjoy your next vacation by keeping your important credit cards safe and dry, your cash and keys safe, while you’re busy out enjoying your trip, be sure to click here to up your own
Kwik Tek Dry Pak Alligator Wallet.

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