I’ve traveled for business for 15 years and for pleasure for over 30. During that time you come across a lot of tricks and tips to save room in your suitcase as well as minimizing wrinkles. Sometimes the tips are solid advice and sometimes they’re more along the lines of turn around 3 times, sing Kum Bay Ya and wave a plastic chicken over your suitcase hoping everything makes it in one piece without any spills from your toiletries bag. Any seasoned traveler can tell you that rolling your garments really does reduce space used and minimizes wrinkles. What’s so great about the eBags Packing Cubes is that they keep the rolls tight which reduces the chances of additional wrinkles and you can easily see what’s in each cube.

Each cube can act as an individual organizer in your luggage. Organize underwear and socks in one cube, roll several t-shirts in another and shorts and pair of pants in another. If you prefer, use each cube for an entire outfit. Parents can separate siblings clothes by using different colored cubes, eliminating a lot of ‘possible’ confusion during unpacking while keeping things easy to see and organize. Cubes can also be used to separate clean and dirty clothes while traveling.

eBags.com provides their customers with the latest news and expert advice on all types of bags; backpacks for college, handbags for day and night and specialty bags designed for form and function. The Packing Cubes are just that, designed specifically for the space-conscious traveler. I love the eBags Promise. They offer a true Lifetime Warranty: exchange, return, whatever it takes.

Once I get on board the ship, the last thing I want to do is spend several hours unpacking and ironing wrinkled clothes! I can tell you first hand that there aren’t a lot of drawers in your cabin onboard. There are usually some built-in shelves and a few drawers, but space is limited. Remember, you still have your other gadgets to stow as well. The Packing Cubes allow you to simply take the cubes from your luggage and immediately place them on a shelf or in a drawer. Your clothes remain organized, depending on how you packed them, by outfit or type of clothing item, and will need minimal ironing/steaming once removed from the cubes since they remained nicely rolled.

Cubes come in different sizes and sets of 3 or 4 cubes. Sets are available with 1 small (11.00 x 6.75 x 3.00), 1 medium (9.75 x 13.75 x 3.00) and 1 large (12.75″ x 17.5″ x 3.25″); or 3 large, 3 small or 3 medium cubes. There is also a slim-line version. There are 5 different colors available: black, denim, platinum, grasshopper and raspberry. Each cube has a soft mesh top panel that won’t damage delicate fabrics, allows you to see what’s inside and to provide ventilation. Each cube comes with double zipper pulls to make opening and closing simple and fast. All interior seams are fully finished for durability. Each cube can also be carried by its own convenient webbed handle.

eBags Packing Cubes have become one of the most popular travel accessories for anyone taking a cruise or going on a vacation where space is at a premium.

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