If I wanted to learn everything possible about being safe at sea, I’d probably seek out a Coast Guard veteran who also had some experience in the cruise industry.  I’d ask him to go through every possible scenario from what to do if I had to go into the water, how to avoid getting sick at international docks and tips on preventing assault and legal troubles before, during, and after the cruise.  Fortunately, I don’t have to search for a cruise safety expert because 23 year U.S. Coast Guard veteran Ronald Butcher already wrote the definitive cruise guide book about safety, Cruise Control: Your Peace of Mind at Sea

Cruise Control: Your Peace of Mind Travel Guide

There have been a lot of stories recently about challenges at sea.  Remember that dramatic story about the pirates last year, or the story about the cruise ship worker that went overboard near Puerto Rico?  It’s natural to get a little nervous, but it’s smart to learn what to do to stay safe when you put out to sea.  Ronald Butcher’s Cruise Control: Your Peace of Mind 2010 is a comprehensive handbook about safety at sea for anyone planning on taking a cruise.

Butcher doesn’t leave an anchor unturned.  He goes through dramatic situations that you probably will never face, like piracy, as well as common issues that can ruin your vacation.  You will learn how to guard yourself from thieves and attackers. He writes about precautions you should take around sanitation and common illnesses you may be exposed to onboard or at foreign ports.  Learn basic safety rules to follow and to teach your children when you are on a ship.  This is must read for everyone who books a cruise.

This cruise ship book won’t tell you the best deals in town, but it will help you enjoy the cruise after you find the best deal.  You will be given information to make you proactive around safety. Special sections include:  Self defense and emergency response suggestions, Health recommendations, and Do’s and Don’ts before and after, and during the cruise.  There is also a very helpful section outlining critical information about laws and protections affecting you while onboard passenger ships.

Read the Book before you go, and Take it with You as a Reference

Cruise are great fun, unless something happens that you can’t deal with.  A legal snafu can be both costly and extremely frustrating.  A thief of your personal possessions can cause you both a financial loss and loss of personal well being.  Dysentery or a minor infection can be treated by the ship’s doctor but it eats away your precious vacation time and leads to disappointment.  You can avoid many of these little disasters by reading Butcher’s well researched and clearly written book. Cruise Control: Your Peace of Mind 2010 (Kindle Edition) will help you avoid many of the bad things that sometimes happen on a cruise ship, and if something bad does occur, you will have the information you need to get through these incidents the least amount of frustration possible. Load it up on your Kindle and start reading.

If you are ready to take charge click here to learn more about Cruise Control: Your Peace of Mind Updated 2010 (Kindle Edition).

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