Have you ever wondered just what goes on behind the scenes on luxury cruise ships? Well, author Brian David Bruns did and decided to take a closer look.  Bruns was the founder of a successful software company and he decided to do something a little bit crazy. He got a job as a member of the crew on a cruise ship.  His girlfriend worked on the ship and it seemed like a fun little adventure.  He had no idea just what he was getting himself into.  The result is a hilarious, fun filled book that explores his year at sea, Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline: Where the Crew Lives, Eats, Wars, and Parties. One Crazy Year Working on Cruise Ships (Travelers’ Tales).

Cruise Confidential - A Novel

The book has been described as a mix of Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad, George Plimpton’s Paper Lion, and the TV shows Love Boat and Peyton Place.  This is perfect light reading for anybody taking a cruise.  Make sure to write your name in permanent ink on the cover, because everybody you meet will want to borrow it.  This light hearted travel log explores the often wild work life of the crew.  Imagine lots of men and women of various nationalities and contrasting cultures packed together in sometimes disgusting living conditions.  There are two worlds on the luxury ship, one of glamor and shine and the other filled with wild shenanigans, crazy parties and sexual escapades.

Maybe a better title might be The Carnival Conquest or Cruising the Bar on the High Seas.  Bruns tells all in this wildly funny and often unpredictable book.  His very funny account of his year working for Carnival Cruise Lines gives the readers an up close and personal look into the areas where the crew works and lives. Get ready to laugh out loud as you learn about bizarre and absurd events that happened at sea.  Bruns details everything from food fights to names the crew calls the passengers.

Life working on a cruise ship is filled with drama, sex, love, and laughter.  This isn’t a list of ports and tours or an expose of the cruise industry.  No this is light hearted look at one man’s experiment behind the scenes.

Pack 384 Pages of Laughter for your next Cruise

Bruns has a natural, relaxed style that’s fun to read.  There’s nothing mean spirited or nasty. You’ll get a real sense of the long hours and hard work the crew puts in every day as well as the nature of the unique community of workers on a cruise liner.  This is a good story about the challenges and victories Bruns experienced during his first year working for Carnival.

Once you order Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline, by Brain David Bruns, you will be faced with a difficult decision; should you read the book before or during the cruise?  After you finish the book you will have a new appreciation for the crew and just what it takes to keep the ship cruising.

If you are ready for a fun read, click here to find out more about Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline: Where the Crew Lives, Eats, Wars, and Parties. One Crazy Year Working on Cruise Ships (Travelers’ Tales).

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