Becky and Taylor loved to travel.  They had flown to France, India, and Sweden. Last summer they took a trip through Canada and the US but when it came to cruises, Taylor was very reluctant. Becky tried to figure it out, but she was baffled.  Finally she decided to call Taylor’s mom.  They spoke on the phone for a while and the mystery was finally solved; seasickness.  Taylor used to get very sick, very easily even on a very short ferry ride.  Becky was determined to find a solution so she went on Facebook and asked her friends. Three friends mentioned the BioBand. Becky ordered the acupressure wrist band and booked a one day fishing trip as a special weekend surprise.


The weather was perfect and Taylor didn’t suspect a thing until they were in front of the boat.  Becky told Taylor that she knew all about the seasickness and they were going to try the Bioband™.  Taylor reluctantly agreed to try it and was amazed when it worked.  The motion wrist band works without the use of drugs and has no side effects.  Both Becky and Taylor had heard of acupuncture but didn’t know if the acupressure wrist band would be affective.  It worked like magic.

The Bioband™ is adjustable so it’s more comfortable and effective then many elastic bands that tend to be too tight or too loose.  You only need one, occasionally switch it from wrist to wrist for maximum results.  The Bioband™ is backed up by an unconditional guarantee, so there’s no risk.

Becky went ahead and booked a cruise and Taylor wore the Bioband™ everyday.  They both had a great time and plan to go on another cruise next year.  On the way home, their flight ran into some turbulent weather and Becky began to get queasy.  Becky remembered that the  Bioband™ could also be used for air travel, so she borrowed it.  She wasn’t surprised when it worked like a charm.

1 Ounce of Motion Sickness Protection

As soon as Becky got home, she ordered one for herself.  The Bioband™ controls motion sickness caused by air travel, rough seas, or winding roads.  If you do much traveling in the mountains or through the wilderness, the Bioband™ will make the trip an easier one. The band only weighs an ounce and is an unadorned black band.  It looks a like a simple watch band, so it’s appropriate for men or women.  Many avid cruise goers will not step on a ship without their Bioband™

Now you can experience the relief so many others have discovered.  You can order on line.  You might want to order two, because when your traveling companions see how effective the Bioband™ is, they will want to borrow it.  Put away the pills and cold packs.  You want to enjoy every minute of your cruise and this comfortable motion wrist band will keep you in the action from the start to the finish.

Use the Bioband™ during your next cruise vacations, air travel, or tour bus adventure.  Click here to learn more about the BioBand.

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