Ever since airlines started cracking down on the number of suitcases you can check, and the size and weight of your luggage, packing has become even more of a challenge.  It is hard enough to know what to bring on vacation, without the added hassle of trying to figure out if your carry-on will actually be allowed to be carried on. Most of us cram way too much into our bags to begin with, and when the vacation is over and you’ve loaded up with souvenirs, incredible finds, and gifts for everyone back home, re-packing becomes a nightmare!

Years ago, my good friend Rosie told me about the perfect solution.  She called it her Magic Bag.  It was the Baggallini Bagg-in-a-Pouch. It’s a packable tote that unfolds when you need it, going from the size of a video game case to become that extra suitcase you’re in need of at the end of your trip!

Store it Small, Pack it Big

The Baggallini Large Bagg-in-a-Pouch can easily slip into your luggage.  Then, when you’re desperate to find room for the pet sitter’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the kids’ t-shirts from Hell on Cayman, the rum cakes to give as gifts from the Tortuga Rum factory and all the other little things you picked up on your cruise, it unzips into the perfect soft-shelled travel bag for all your new belongings.

Baggallini Bagg-in-a-Pouch

The Baggallini Bagg-in-a-Pouch comes in different sizes, but as a travel bag, the best choice is the large size.  It goes from about 9 inches by 11 inches (but I bet you can make it even smaller inside a space bag).  It can slip right into your carry-on, or into a front pocket on your suitcase, and it unzips easily to about 18 inches by 24 inches, and about 7 inches in depth.

The medium size starts at about 8 inches by 9 inches, and folds out to 15 inches by 20 inches, with just over 5 inches in depth.  You’re saving only an inch or two on the smaller version, but with the large, you get quite a bit more space when it’s unfolded.

The portable totes are made of strong nylon, and have got reinforced seams and double locking zippers to secure your valuables, so they are incredibly durable.  They also come in a variety of colors, including black, green, brown, plum, Espresso, Khaki, grey, blue and red.

Just like any soft-sided luggage, these travel bags work best with items that have been packed to guard against breakage. Go ahead and stow your crystal or Wedgewood in the Baggallini; they’ve already been packed for shipping.  Some folks can even place their original carry-on inside the large Baggallini with the new items and still remain under the limit of 2 carry-ons.  It can give you just the little bit of extra space you need, when you need it.

Rosie thinks is it’s the perfect luggage solution.  She usually start out her trip with one suitcase and a carry-on, with a Baggallini stored cleverly inside.  She will often end her trip with two suitcases and her carry-on!  Still well within airline baggage limits, even though she’s loaded down with souvenirs and knick-knacks for the whole family back home.

To make sure you don’t run out of room the next time you’re on a cruise, click here to to find out more about the Baggallini Large Tote-in-a-Pouch

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