It takes a village to raise a child, the saying goes, but what every parent knows is that it really takes an awful lot of stuff, especially when that child is still a baby.  From diapers to wipes, and toys to teethers, no baby travels light.

That’s why the Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag is the perfect companion for any baby on the go.  When I saw this bag, I just couldn’t believe how much stuff this one baby backpack can carry, and still remain organized and easily portable.  It has literally got room for everything.

The Okkatots Backpack is a diaper bag that has limitless pockets, and ways to open, or position, for maximum efficiency.  You can carry it and open it as a backpack, but it also has sewn in feet, so when you need it you can stand it open on a counter.

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot/Travel Diaper Backpack

The World’s Best Portable Change Station

Every parent knows that the most important thing about traveling anywhere with your baby is bringing along all the things you need when it comes time to change your little darling.  This baby diaper bag has its own zip-in change station.  The diaper dispenser holds 16 diapers, and it comes with all the diaper bag essentials, including its own removable PVC wet-wipes dispenser, a full-sized change mat and a water-resistant laundry/utility bag for anything you need to remove and launder later.

Once your baby is clean, he or she will need to be fed.  No problem!  The Okkatots Travel Baby Depot is also equipped with a large insulated bottle pocket; so you can keep up to six large baby bottles fresh, and stored separately from the rest of the stuff in the bag.  There’s also a handy side pocket, which is perfect for storing a container of snacks and some facecloths.

Does your little one now need some soothing?  This baby backpack has a unique food-grade polyurethane pacifier pouch ready to keep your baby’s pacifier clean and immediately accessible.

When your baby needs entertaining, this baby travel bag is also ready to go!  The top pocket on the baby backpack is perfect for toys, rattles and teething rings.  For more high tech baby entertainment, this baby bag has a DVD player pocket with an elastic strap to hold the player firmly in place.  There is also an additional top pocket for DVDs, so you can throw in a few of your baby’s favorite shows, and be ready for even the longest flight.

For mom and dad, there’s even a quick access cell phone or mp3 player pocket.

This diaper backpack is ready for any family adventure, whether you’re taking your baby on a quick outing to the zoo, or on a full day shore excursion on your Caribbean cruise.

The Okkatots baby diaper bag is the most organized and fully stocked baby bag that I have ever seen.  Not only that, but it’s easy to carry with its padded shoulder straps or versatile carry handles with buckles.  Its polyester outer shell has PVC backing, and its lining is 100% nylon with a PU coating.  The bag is about 19 inches by 15 inches, and is roughly 9 inches deep, and its great shade of cranberry red even means that dad can carry it without feeling silly.

Okkatots has always made durable and practical baby products, but this travel baby bag really tops my list.

If you have a baby, you have a lot of baby stuff.  Do yourself a favor, click here and pick up the Okkatots Travel Baby Diaper Backpack.  It has everything you and your baby need for the perfect day out together.

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