Travel today can at times, be a bit of an ordeal, so our travel gear has to be up for the challenge.  Travel toiletry bags must be light, durable and convenient.  A single compartment vinyl or leather toiletry bag just isn’t good enough for the contemporary traveler.  We demand a toiletry bag that gives us storage space for our essentials and then gives us something more like the Travelon Nylon Hanging Toiletry Kit..

Nylon Hanging Toiletry Kit

The Travelon bag is made of 1680D Ballistic Nylon so it’s durable and light.  It’s available in two colors; bright blue with black trim or solid black.  The travel toiletry bag can be hung from a hook and opened which gives you full access to all your supplies.  The kit has many pockets and compartments so you can stay organized and see everything you have.  When you are ready to go, the bag zips up into a compact traveling bag. 

The Travelon Nylon Hanging Toiletry Kit has many compartments allowing your bottles and containers to sit upright.  The hanging feature turns your traveling toiletry case into a portable bathroom cabinet.  You will keep the counter clear and have access to everything in the bag.

Since you can see everything once the bag is opened and hung up, you are less likely to leave toiletries behind.  Everything stays neat and at your fingertips no matter where you travel.  The bag measures 12” high by 8” wide by 5” deep.  At the end of the trip packing is a snap because it only takes a minute to fold up the hanging toiletry kit.  Go ahead and pack it in your luggage because everything will stay self contained so nothing will spill and ruin your other belongings.

Travelon – A New Design in Travel

The Travelon company is known for its innovations in travel supplies.  They offer a wide range of products, many with patented designs.  Their products are superior in quality and they back it up with great customer support.  They offer more than 100 different items.  They strive to improve the traveling experience with every product.

Now you can order the Travelon Nylon Hanging Toiletry Kit online and save over 50% of the store price. The bag will be delivered by small parcel.  Look through the site and discover more items designed to make your travel fun and hassle free.

Learn how you can have your very own traveling bathroom cabinet.  Click here to see more about the Travelon Nylon Hanging Toiletry Kit..

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