Life just keeps getting better. Jim and Meg always loved vacations, but traveling used to be a hassle.
They honeymooned at Yellowstone years ago. They loved the park but hated the traffic and hauling around their bulky luggage and camera. Now they’re cruise enthusiasts and enjoy the traveling as much as the places they visit. They are especially happy that they got rid of their awkward photo equipment in favor of the Nikon COOLPIX L20 Digital Camera.

Complicated photo equipment can often slow down and even ruin a vacation, but Jim always wanted to capture the moment so he invested in many confusing cameras. They were often difficult to use. Now Jim takes Nikon cameras on all his trips because he can count on fantastic quality in a light and easy to use format. The Nikon COOLPIX L20 Digital Camera has 10.0 megapixels so his shots are crystal clear even with 16 x 20 inch enlargements. The resolution is so sharp, you can see every feather on the funny looking seagull that followed them on their last cruise.

You can count on Nikon cameras for state of the art technology. The 3.6x optical Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens produces precision camera optics that delivers razor sharp results, even from a distance. The EXPEED Image processor uses digital image processing to produce natural looking pictures with stunning color and sharp details.

COOLPIX cameras are made for travelers that want fantastic photos without a lot of fuss. The big bright 3.0 inch High Resolution LCD screen has an anti-reflection coating so it’s easy to view even in direct sunlight, and the large view screen lets you see all the details. The shutter speed is automatically controlled with a motion detector which can be adjusted to ISO setting to compensate for camera movement. Action scenes can be captured without blurring.

Magic Moments Happen 24 Hours a Day

A  one in a million photo opportunity can happen anywhere and at any time so you want a camera that can keep up with you. The Nikon COOLPIX L20 Digital Camera adjusts up to ISO 1600 so you can get natural looking shots even in lower light. Jim really liked the scene auto selector. This setting automatically adjusts the settings according to the scene you are shooting.

Nikon makes cameras with a brain of their own. Features like the In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and the face-finding technology Face-Priority AF keeps every face in focus. The Smile Mode can detect a smile and will automatically fire the shutter, and the Blink Warning tells you to wait for a moment so you can get a perfect picture every time. The D-Lighting feature saves backlit or dark images by adjusting the level of brightness and detail.

Jim loves everything about the Nikon COOLPIX but Meg especially loves the price. They ordered on line and got such a great price that Meg was able to schedule an extra session at the Spa on their last cruise.

If you’re ready to take pictures the easy way like Jim and Meg, click here to learn more about the Nikon COOLPIX L20 Digital Camera.

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