Tom read about the Microsoft Zune when it first came out, but he held back and waited for Microsoft to fine tune it.  He’s glad he did.  The Zune HD Video MP3 Player is greatly improved over the earlier model in design, function, speed and overall video quality.  This mp3 is very competitively priced.  Since Tom doesn’t use every feature he just added the ones he wanted and he kept the price low.

Zune HD 32GB MP3 Player

The Microsoft Zune HD has a sharp, flashy look.  It is very lightweight, just 2.6 ounces; 30% less then the iPod Touch.  It has a large 3.3”, multi touch OLED screen and a small home button underneath.  The mp3 player measures 4.0 by 2.0 by a scant 0.3 inches. It’s easy to carry and a pleasure to use.

The power button and the volume on/off switch are both set in the side, with the power on top and the volume control on the left.  The volume can be adjusted from the screen.  The Zune has a longer playing time then the iPod Touch.  The manufacturer states that the Zune HD can play video for 8.5 hours and music for 33 hours on a full charge.  The iPod Touch’s time is listed at 6 hours for video and 30 hours for music.

Microsoft added a HD radio receiver to the Zune HD’s hardware so it has a clearer sound then analog FM.  You also will enjoy more channels which are only available on HD.  You can tag the songs you hear and buy them from the Zune Marketplace.  The HD radio feature is included in the basic package, but if you want the Zune HD’s high-def video on your HDTV, you will need to add the HDMI docking station for an additional fee.

A Compact Display with a Sharp Clear Picture

The video play back is clear and easy to view.  The colors are true and there is no stuttering or skips.  The Audio quality is also very good.  The Microsoft Zune HD includes ear buds.  The interface has been fully optimized for the multi touch display.  The Quick play feature allows you to call up content you recently added and attach it to your favorites. 

The WiFi feature connects in about half a minute and delivers fast downloads. The browser is based on Internet Explorer.  The Zune HD has a full-QWERTY touch keyboard that can be displayed in landscape or portrait format.  The package includes an AC adapter and USB cable.  The Zune Marketplace software is also included in the basic package. The Microsoft Zune HD supports AAC, MP3. WMA, and WMA Lossless audio formats.  Supported image and video formats include JPG, Photo Support, H 264, mpeg4 and wmv. 

Order this mp3 player online and take advantage of discounts and fast delivery.  The Microsoft Zune HD allows you to design your own MP3 so you’ll only pay for the features you’re going to use.

Now you can take your entire music library with you up to the lido deck.  Click here to learn more about the many great features of the Zune HD.

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