Perhaps three of the most popular special occasions celebrated on cruise ships include weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries. There are many reasons for the popularity of these including the feeling that the venue adds a certain special something to the occasion. No matter if you choose to cruise as a couple to be, a new couple, or to celebrate your anniversary there are many things that cruises have to offer.

While honeymoons and anniversaries are held quite regularly onboard cruise based weddings are by far the most common occasion celebrated. There are quite a few great reasons for this. You have so many great choices available to you such as whether you want the wedding held on the ship itself or at one of the ports of call. Depending on your choice of cruise provider you will also have many different wedding packages from which to choose.

These may include everything from flowers, decorations, food, and much more. The packages can be as cheap or as expensive as you may desire. Surprisingly, many such wedding packages are rather inexpensive. This is a great thing especially if you decide on having a destination wedding rather than a shipboard one as they may be a bit more costly. Before you jump into planning your cruise based wedding you should take the time to make a few decisions.

Shipboard Weddings Vs Destination Weddings

The first major decision you will have to make is whether you want to hold the wedding on the cruise ship or at the cruise destination. There is a definite difference in the two. Keep in mind, if you are leaning toward a shipboard wedding so the captain can marry you then you may be disappointed. The captain cannot actually perform a wedding contrary to popular belief. The cruise line will however typically provide an individual who is licensed to perform weddings to officiate over your ceremony.

As far as destination weddings are concerned you may have to do some forward planning if you wish to be married by a local official. The best way to plan ahead for such necessities is to get to know the Activities Coordinator  or the cruise line’s Wedding Specialist. This person will oftentimes have a great deal of the information that you may need to better prepare for your event. This includes where to go to get your marriage license, ordering a cake and flowers, and so much more.

There are also things you will want to watch out for when planning to hold a wedding or other such special occasion onboard the cruise ship. When you are ready to check in at the cruise terminal under NO circumstances should you allow “special handling” of your wedding luggage that lets the clothing out of your site. This has been the downfall of many weddings. Either the clothing gets dirtied, damaged, or even lost. Insist that it stays within your possession or at least your sight until it is in your room.

With just a bit of forward planning you can have a wedding that will be remembered forever as being perfect rather than being a disaster. Remember to work with the wedding specialist or event coordinator for your cruise and you will have a leg up on your dream wedding.

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