The best part of any cruise is the time you spend having fun.  Whether it’s a day at sea by the pool, or a shore excursion at the beach or deep-sea fishing, there is so much you can do and see on any cruise.  So, you want to make sure you’re ready for adventure.

One great way to get ready to have fun is to make sure you have Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multi Purpose Pouch along on your next trip.

This multi-purpose waterproof pouch is the perfect companion for anyone who needs to carry important items with them, in any kind of condition.

Throw in your camera, your car keys, your passport and your money, it will stay dry no matter what, and safely portable around your neck or shoulder.

Before Andrea Crane from Daytona Beach got her waterproof case, heading to the beach with her two young children was a nightmare.  The kids wanted to splash in the surf and swim and run around, but at 3 and 5, they’re too young to be further away than arm’s reach.  Andrea’s solution was the Lewis N. Clark waterproof storage pouch.  No more hiding her keys in the sand, or asking a nearby stranger to keep an eye on her stuff as she chased after her boys; now she takes everything she needs along with her.

The pouch is roughly 8 inches by 5 inches in size, and comes with a built in UV protectant that guards against water, dust, dirt, sand and frost.  It’s completely submergible and waterproof down to 9 feet, and the strap is adjustable to fit comfortably however you would prefer to carry it.

Andrea was particularly excited by the clear side window, since it means that not only can she carry her camera right into the water with her, but she can also take great photos through the pouch, snapping shots of the kids romping in the waves.

Andrea’s brother Jack also picked up a waterproof pouch for his family cruise vacation, and he loves that he can now comfortably take his iPhone to the beach without having to worry about the sand getting into it.  It doesn’t mean he’s checking texts on vacation, he’s quick to point out, but it does give him the piece of mind that he won’t miss an important call, even when he’s out for a quick swim.

Both Jack and Andrea also love that the pouch is waterproof and it floats, so it’s easy to find when you need to grab it for that fast photo.

The Lewis N. Clark waterproof pouch is even more exciting if you’re planning to do any snorkeling.  Put your camera right into the bag, seal it up, and you’re ready to snap photos of colorful blue tang and bright angelfish as they dart in and out of the coral reef!

Whether you’re using it for underwater photos, or like Andrea and Jack, you just need a handy way to keep your mobile phone, car keys and credit cards safe and dry while you play; the Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multi Purpose Pouch is a must-have.

So, instead of worrying about where to store your important items the next time adventure calls, have a Lewis N. Clark Waterproof Multi Purpose Pouch ready to go, and you’ll find that you’ll be up for any kind of fun on your next trip.

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