The Jacksons and the Lees are best friends but they are very different people.  They dress differently and enjoy different styles of dining and music, but they do agree on two things. They love going on cruises together and they all carry a Flip MinoHD Camcorder

Douglas and Mary Jackson met Sue and Todd Lee on a cruise five years ago.  They sat together for dinner the first night and accidentally mixed up their cameras.  They caught the mistake half way into the cruise and ended up sharing pictures after the trip.  Last year Mary discovered the Flip MinoHD Camcorder and emailed Sue.  Each Flip Camera can be ordered with a different design, so there are no more mix ups, just great videos.

The design possibilities are endless.  Douglas, Mary, Sue  and Todd each ordered a Flip MinoHD Camcorder with a totally different look.  Doug is a Boston Celtics fan so he went to the design gallery and got a Flip Mino with the team logo.  Mary uploaded a photo from their last cruise and personalized her camera from the ‘use your own image’ gallery.  Sue loves colors, so she used the pattern generator to create a one of a kind purple and pink masterpiece.  Todd is a no-nonsense type of guy, so he chose an all black flip camera.  Every camcorder has all the great features and each has a style all its own.

When Mary and Sue read the specs they both knew they wanted the Flip Mino.  Todd suggested getting one for everybody; he didn’t want to share.  The sleek pocket-sized camcorder can go anywhere and it always shoots great pictures.  It only takes 3 seconds to power up and the user friendly interface offers one touch recording.  There’s a single picture feature, so you can take videos and stills with the same camera.

Capturing memories the easy way

The flip camera is fantastic on cruises because it’s easy and convenient.  The MinoHD Flip can hold 60 minutes of high quality video with a 2GB built in memory, no additional memory cards are needed.  The internal lithium ion battery recharges through a built in USB arm.  The ever practical Doug also ordered a Flip Video Power Adapter, sold separately.  The flip out USB arm also plugs directly into a PC or Mac so it’s easy to save and share videos.  Sue prefers watching her movies on a television, so she plugs in the cable (included with purchase) and sees them on her flat screen.

Doug wears glasses so he especially likes the 1.5” anti glare display. Now he can play back and delete videos. He always makes sure to delete the videos he dislikes right away because Mary likes to share them as emails and custom movies on Facebook and You Tube.  Since the Flip MinoHD Camcorder records MPEG-4 videos, all their recordings are compatible with Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player and iTunes.

On their last trip Sue’s sister joined the gang and brought her 7 year old.  Todd was very happy that the Flip Mino had a “child safe mode” that prevented several accidental deletions. Other features include backlit buttons for low light recording and a silent mode for recording in sensitive situations.

Now you can show your own unique style and get the same great quality the Lees and Jacksons enjoy.   Click here to learn more about the great features of the Flip MinoHD Camcorder

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