Air travel keeps getting stranger and stranger.  We stand in long airport security lines, we take off our shoes and now we are only allowed to carry small amounts of liquids on to the plane.  Since luggage sometimes is lost, the smart traveler carries necessities in their carry on, but travel size brands are expensive and limited in variety.  The folks at Eagle Creek came up with a solution with their Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set.

Travel Bottle Set

Travel Bottle Set

Now you don’t have to leave your favorite shampoo, mouth wash or lotion at home.  Forget about searching for sample sized products and paying for a brand you don’t like.  The Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set provides six reusable plastic containers in a see through zip top bag.  Now you can bring all your favorite products and be assured of passing the 3-1-1 TSA requirements. 

The kit includes 2 pill cases, 4 squeezable bottles and a toothpaste holder.  Each bottle holds 3 ounces and comes with inter changeable tops; 2 flip tops, 2 pop tops, a spray top and a pump top.  You’ll be in and out of airport security in no time.  The bag is neat and easy to take in and out of your carry on.  It only weights 11.5 oz when it’s empty.  You can pack it up days before your trip and forget about the luggage restrictions regarding fluids.

The Custom Travel Bottle Set also keeps your liquids separate.  Those sample size containers often leak or burst.  I remember spending almost an hour in an airport bathroom cleaning up my carry on after a small tube of lotion broke open, and I didn’t even like the brand.  The container tops close tight and stay neat.  The bag keeps everything together and convenient.

Eagle Creek – Keeps You Moving

Some companies offer travel supplies as a secondary line; not Eagle Creek. This California based company is dedicated to making travel a fun and enjoyable experience.  Their employees have traveled all over the world and know the trials and tribulations faced on planes, trains and on the back of a yak.  They search out quality products that travelers count on.  Eagle Creek is also an earth friendly company that promotes green practices in production and packaging whenever possible.

You’ll save money two ways with the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set.  You’ll save by filling these travel sized containers and you’ll save by ordering online.  This kit will last for years and you won’t have to worry about TSA regulations, luggage restrictions or spills in your carry on. 

Make your trip though airport security a little easier with the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set.  Click here to learn more.

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