Larry thought it would never happen to him.  He traveled for both business and pleasure. He had heard the horror stories of luggage being snatched but dismissed most of these tales as urban legends and assumed the real incidents only happened to careless travelers.  That all changed after a trip to London, when his suitcase was grabbed while he waited to check in at his hotel.  They found the suitcase a few minutes later, tossed into the bushes.  His best suit, some electronics and an expensive sweater was taken, but they left his underwear. If he only had used Austin House Combination Lock and Luggage Tag Set it might have been avoided.

Combination Lock and Luggage Tag Set

Larry realized that it only takes a moment to loose a piece of luggage but it can take hours to undo the damage.  He spent his first two days in London filing a police report and running around trying to replace his lost items. After the hotel incident Larry began to hear stories about people loosing luggage because their ID fell off and items being stolen while someone was distracted.  Larry had learned his lesson and he ordered an Austin House Combination Lock and Luggage Tag Set his first week home.

Larry wanted to make sure to order an approved luggage lock.  He keeps track of the changing regulations and knows TSA luggage locks allow airport security to open, inspect and relock you bag.  He also wanted a combination lock because keys can get lost or damaged.  The Austin House Combination Lock and Luggage Tag Set features a black and grey 3 dial combination lock.  The numbers on the two toned lock are easy to read.

 The luggage security set also includes a metal luggage tag.  Seasoned travelers know that durable luggage tags can prevent lost and aggravation.  Your I.D. is neatly hidden out of sight behind metal casing.  The tag is then secured to your bag with a sturdy strap that easily attaches to your suitcase, attaché or workout bag. The I.D. card is included.

Travel Protection = Peace of Mind

High quality luggage tags and TSA luggage locks protect your belongings and your peace of mind.  When you check your luggage in for travel or leave it in you room or cabin, you’ll feel a little lighter because you took the time to keep your possessions safe.

It only takes a moment to order on line and you’ll save over the store price. Click here to learn more about the Austin House Combination Lock and Luggage Tag Set.

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