One thing that you will be asked to decide when taking a cruise is what sort of ship you would like. While the first answer that may pop into your head may be something like “safe” or “fun” you may actually have to give it a bit more thought than this. There is a wide variety of ships from which to choose. There are now a world of choices that were simply not available before.

This being said when you ask yourself which ship is right for me you might want to decide up front what sort of cruise it is you desire. Do you expect to lie back on a deck and have someone bring you fruity drinks during the day and enjoy 5 star meals at night, or would you rather get to have a more “hands on” sort of cruise experience on a working ship? All of these decisions will play into finding the right ship for you.

There are also other choices that will need to take place such as what sort of meals you would like, what climate you want, and whether or not you want a family friendly ship or one that is geared more toward the adult crowd. All this will play into your choice of cruise ship. By making these decisions up front you will be much more likely to choose the right ship to suit your needs.

Mega Ship Or Dinghy?

You may have noticed by now that the seeming focus on cruising today is those looking for a large ship for their needs. Twenty or thirty years ago cruise ships that carried seven or eight hundred passengers were the norm. These are tiny compared to the ships of today. Take the Carnival Dream boats for example. These are rated to carry up to 3,646 passengers. Even more mind boggling is Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. This behemoth carries an amazing 5,400 passengers.

Maybe such a large vessel is not what you are looking for. You might want to consider something a good deal smaller such as one of the ships operated by the Viking Cruise Line which offers river cruises and carry up to 150 passengers. This sort of small and intimate cruise may appeal to you especially if it is just you and a loved one. Imagine cruising down a European river and only having to worry about relaxing and taking it easy.

Another thought you might want to consider is whether you would like to enjoy a true sailing experience. Take for example a working ship vacation. You might choose to go on one in which the vessel is involved in scientific research. You could also choose one that involves having you work with the sailing crew as a novice deckhand. You can learn first hand what all is involved in sailing a ship.

No matter what sort of cruise you choose it is important to pick one that is right for you. Whether you don’t want to worry kids in the hallways and yelling moms, or if you don‘t want to deal with bored kids you should give your cruise needs some thought. This will help you answer that question, “which ship is right for me?”

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