It’s a rite of passage for high school seniors and college students: Spring Break!  Other holidays are for family, or for earning money, but Spring Break is for you; time to relax and have fun.  So why not choose a cruise?

Everybody does Daytona, parties on Padre and carouses in Cancun, but let’s face it, the beaches get crowded, the line-ups can be ridiculous, and just how many people can you cram into that tiny hotel room anyway?

A great new place to hang out with your friends is to take that party on the road.  Or more accurately, take it to the high seas.  There are lots of options to choose from, with many cruise lines and companies catering to the Spring Break vacationer.

Not Just a Family Vacation

Many people see cruising as a great choice for family getaways, or for a romantic escape, but a number of cruise lines offer great choices for people who want to have fun with a group on their Spring Break vacation.

From special teen dances to entire ships dedicated to Spring Break fun, there are lots of options for every age and stage of vacationer, from high school students traveling with their families, to college kids adventuring out on their own.

The key is knowing exactly what kind of atmosphere you want, and then finding the right cruise ship that’s offering what you’re looking for.  Then, it’s important to know exactly what rules and policies are in place.

All cruise ships will have strict rules about alcohol consumption, and those rules will be enforced.  There are also rules about what age you can be before you’re allowed to gamble, which generally ranges from 18 to 21.

There are also rules about chaperones for people under the age of 21.  For example, Carnival Cruise Lines requires that guests under the age of 21 must stay in a stateroom with someone over the age of 25 (which means a group of 20-year-old students can not stay together).

Other cruise lines allow adults to stay in a room adjoining passengers under the age of 21, but the general idea is that there should be some supervision.

Make sure you know the rules for your particular cruise before you book. Guest ages are checked before you board, and the rules are strictly enforced.  The cruise line will refuse to let you board if you do not follow the guidelines, even if you’ve paid in full.

Which Cruise to Choose?

When it comes to on-board activities, your best choice for a Spring Break cruise is likely one of the larger cruise ships. Carnival’s fun approach, big decks, and great pool games makes it a popular choice for Spring Break vacationers.  Some of Carnival’s newer ships also feature adults-only deck spaces, so adults can avoid the crowds if they want.

Royal Caribbean’s on-board activities, such as rock climbing, ice skating and riding the wave pool, make it another good choice for that Spring Break getaway.

If you want a Spring Break vacation, but don’t want the noise and revelry of a shipload of college students, you will want to avoid those larger cruise ships.  Your best bet will be to check out some of the smaller, luxury lines that don’t have extensive activities for children, such as Oceania or Silversea.

Spending your Spring Break on board a cruise ship offers you a unique vacation, as well as a great way to hang out and enjoy your friends and your time off.  So why not avoid the crowded beaches and crammed hotel rooms this year, and choose to cruise instead?

P.S. Spring breakers are notoriously short on funds. Make sure to jump on over to Dork Chat and check out how to save money on your cruise and your shore excursions.

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