If you like gadgets, dislike problems at the airline check-in line, and hate paying penalty fees; you got to take a look at this! Over the last couple years airlines have started cracking down on over weight luggage.  Last year when I helped my daughter pack for an international trip, I stood on a bathroom scale and held her luggage as she packed and unpacked her bag.  Once we got to the airport, we discovered that the bathroom scale wasn’t properly calibrated.  I wish we had the Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale. It would have made everything easier.

Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale

This portable luggage scale only weighs a pound but can weigh up to 100 pounds of luggage.  Some digital luggage scales are difficult to use or hard to read. Not this one.  All you have to do is attach the scale’s strap to your luggage handle and lift.  The weight is displayed on the easy to read screen. 

The newly designed Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale features a ergonomic grip and is lighter then the previous model.  It operates on 2 AAA batteries which are included.  The portable luggage scale has an automatic shut off feature to help preserve your battery.  Why not make this light weight scale part of your travel gear.  Over weight bags can end up costing you fees as high as $100.00 on each bag.  You might want to use the scale on the way home to make sure your souvenirs aren’t over the weight limit.

The Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale is made with lightweight plastic and the model could be green or grey, manufacturer’s choice.  The travel gear is compact, it only measures 5 inches by 1.5 inches by 10 inches.  It’s small enough to fit into your carry on.

 Get Off the Bathroom Scale

Leave the game of ‘guess the weight’ to the carnival barkers.  Get off the bathroom scale and step into the 21stcentury.  You will be delighted with the Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale the first time you avoid paying an over weight luggage fee.  One time I was returning from a two week business trip and my luggage ended up 5 pounds too heavy.  I ended up throwing away clothes.  It was cheaper than paying the fine. 

Travel smart and avoid the frustration of overweight luggage.  Click here to find out more about the Balanzza Enzo Digital Luggage Scale.

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