Many hours can be invested in planning a major trip and thousands of dollars can be spent, and yet it can take a very little thing, like a blister on your heel or a tick you picked up on a beach to ruin it.  That’s why seasoned travelers have chosen Adventure Medical Kits as a very practical way to keep their vacations enjoyable from start to finish. Since little catastrophes can happen anywhere the Adventure Medical Kits Ultra Light Travel Kit is a favorite.

Adventure Medical Kit

Traveler’s Kit

Less is more.  That saying is especially true when it comes to travel.  Lap tops, cell phones and cameras keep getting smaller and smaller.  Now the principal of small is being applied to emergency supplies.  Adventure Medical Kits understands that bulky first aid boxes can be difficult to pack and are often left behind, so they designed a light weight, easy to carry kit that you can take with you just about everywhere.

The Ultra Light Traveler Kit weighs less then 5 ounces and comes in a soft compact case that can easily fit into most carry-on bags or purses.   The case is compact but it is filled with supplies to help you through dozens of small emergencies.

Since most of us can’t see into the future, carrying a first aid kit filled with emergency supplies is traveler’s insurance you can count on.  The kit includes a wide array of bandage materials and wound management supplies.  You can clean your abrasion with antiseptic wipes and Tincture of Benzoin, treat it with Triple Antibiotic Ointment and cover it with a variety of gauze and bandages.

Being Prepared for the Unforeseen

Exploring new places or taking hikes in nature can be exhilarating unless you have blister on your foot or a sliver in your hand.  Prevent a pleasant walk in the woods from becoming a torturous ordeal with materials from your Ultra Light Traveler Kit.  A 4 x 7 moleskin patch is a fast blister solution and a Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps will help get things out from under your skin.

Since travelers are often dealing with new and different environments, unforeseen events can occur.  The Adventure Medical Kits Company knows how confusing small emergencies can be, so they included the Guide to Wilderness First Aid Pamphlet in the Ultra Light Traveler Kit.  The easy to follow brochure offers information about common travel emergencies.  The kit also contains an accident form and pencil so you can record information and keep a record for future reference.

The travel case also includes cold medicine, antihistamine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, loperamide, and sterile gloves. You’ll be amazed at how much how much peace of mind you can get from a six ounce case.

This little kit is easy to carry and has saved many a vacation.  Be a travel hero. Make sure to follow the scout motto and always be prepared. Take a few minutes to insure your next cruise from small disasters. Click here for more information about the Adventure Medical Kits Ultra Light Traveler Kit

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