Anyone who has ever traveled knows that the key to a great vacation can often be found in your luggage.  I know that if I bring a bag that’s too big, I end up throwing out my back just carrying it in and out of the airport.  If I bring a suitcase that’s too small, I often find myself spending time out shopping for the items that I left at home when my luggage got too full.

Stop looking for the perfect suitcase! The Athalon 15 Pocket Rolling Duffel is designed to help you get organized, pack properly and enjoy your trip.

I used to hate luggage shopping, especially having to choose between a soft-shell fabric bag and a hard-shell suitcase.  I find that each kind of bag has their advantages and disadvantages.

Athalon 15 pocket rolling duffle

The problem with a soft-shell suitcase can often be that the fabric sides lie limply on the bed when you’re trying to pack your suitcase, making it hard to throw in balls of socks from across the room.  The trouble with a hard-shell bag is that they’re big and bulky and waste so much space in your stateroom or the bottom of your closet when they’re not in use.

The Problem-Solving Rolling Duffel

The Athalon lightweight rolling duffel solves all problems.  Its soft shell is made of tear-proof polyester and nylon, and it has an interior pop-up frame that is designed to help the bag stand up when you’re packing.  My favorite part of unpacking is now collapsing the shell, and folding up the bag up for easy storage. So much extra room!

The company Athalon was founded in Colorado in 1973, and its staff has been made up of outdoor adventurers, travelers and sports enthusiasts since the beginning.  Its standard is durability, and every single bag design is tested out by staff to make sure it lives up to the rigors of any kind of travel.  They even put thought into the exact placement of every single one of the 15 inside and outside pockets on the Athalon 15-Pocket 22″ Wheeling Duffel.

Athalon also looked at how you will be carrying the bag, planning and measuring the shoulder straps and the handles, and even the weight distribution, so you can lift and carry it with ease.  After miles and miles of business travel, I appreciate that they took the time to do this, because it makes a real difference.  Not to worry though, the bag does also comes with a durable set of skate wheels.  They didn’t call it the “rolling duffel bag” for nothing.

With the focus on baggage that travels well, no matter where in the world you are going, Athalon also makes sure the bags are lightweight and waterproof.  The 22″ rolling duffel comes in a nice shade of blue or rust, and is made of high-density polyester to keep the dirt and water away from your clothes.

So the next time you’re in the market for a new piece of luggage, do what I did, and choose a bag that has been designed to make packing easy, storage a breeze, and organization simple.  Click here to pick up your Athalon Rolling Duffel.

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