Mary Anne Dalton is hard on her luggage.  She uses it often, and she is not particularly gentle when it comes to cramming her belongings, souvenirs and extras into her suitcase on her frequent trips for both business and pleasure.

Throughout the years, she went through a lot of luggage, until her parents bought her the FUL Hybrid Technology BLACK & BURGANDY, Split Level / Rolling Duffel / Duffel Bag Luggage, and now she’s fallen head over heels for her suitcase and will swear by it to any and every one.

The rolling duffel has two things that Mary Anne deems necessary.  It’s large, which means it can carry a lot, and so far, it seems to be utterly indestructible.

SplitDuffelIt’s about 30” by 17” by 14”, and that’s already large, but it’s also stuffable, allowing for those vacations where she shops more than she’d planned.

Even better, the rolling duffel bag has a number of compartments that can be used to keep her belongings sorted and organized.  The bottom of the bag is a seven-inch deep zippered drop bottom section with a divider, and Mary Anne loves that she can store her shoes and boots apart from her clothing, which goes in the duffel bag compartment.

There are also loads of other pockets and sections.  The FUL Hybrid Split Case Rolling Duffel has two zippered end pockets, handy for those items you want to access quickly and easily.  There’s a Neoprene top zippered pocket for even more space. There’s even an exterior mesh hold down to carry along an extra jacket, if necessary.

The lightweight rolling duffel is also built to be used, and used frequently.  It’s made of Nylon, reinforced to make it impossible to stain, rip or tear.  It’s fully lined, and even the zippers are heavy-duty.  Not even frequent checking on airlines has managed to damage this bag, and Mary Anne is always amazed when it comes down the luggage ramp still looking like new.

The FUL Hybrid Split Case Rolling Duffel comes in two colors, basic charcoal and black or a sportier rust and grey, and the best part is the wheels.  No matter how many things Mary Anne can fit inside this bag (and that is quite a bit) she never has to carry it, even though it does feature two heavy duty web handles with compression straps and buckles.  But who needs those, when Mary Anne can wheel it along with its telescopic locking handle, and its corner wheels for maximum stability.

Mary Anne’s parents learned a long time ago that their beloved daughter will never learn to be gentle with her things. She’s the kind of person who just wants to go where she’s going, with a minimal amount of hassle and worry, and she needed luggage that would be able to keep up with her.

So the next time you’re hitting the road hard, do yourself a favor and pack up the FUL Hybrid Technology BLACK & BURGANDY, Split Level / Rolling Duffel / Duffel Bag Luggage.  It’s designed to work hard, and keep you organized. More importantly, it will last as long as you do.

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