My guest tonight is Bill Parise, owner of The Traveling Agent.

Listen to Bill as he explains the differences between cruise and destination weddings. Find out when and where to use a wedding planner. Learn how to determine if your wedding will be recognized by your home country. Discover the unusual and unknown places where your wedding can be performed. What is the one step you must take to avoid a wedding disaster? And find out once and for all…can the captain marry you at sea?

Bill and Maria Parise are the owners of The Traveling Agent, a home-based travel agency located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They specialize in cruise and destination weddings as well as group cruises. They even had the opportunity to arrange their own wedding that took place in Varadero, Cuba. They can be reached by phone at 204.219.4254 or for fastest service email them at You can also visit their web site at The Traveling Agent.

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