Visitors to the 2010 Winter Olympics will have a new accommodation option: cruise ships. Tourists and security personnel will be housed aboard ships from Holland America, Carnival and Norwegian docked at Port Metro Vancouver. Although cruise ships have been used previously in the 2004 Summer Games in Greece, Vancouver marks the first time this option has been available for the Winter Olympics.

“This is the first time ever that cruise ships have served as accommodation at a Winter Olympics,” said John Hansen, President of the North West CruiseShip Association. “We are proud of our participation. We are also proud of the high levels of environmental protection that we can achieve.”

And rightly so. The ships are required to meet strict regulations for environmental impact to keep these Winter Games as “green” as possible. These restrictions include hooking up to the Vancouver sewage barges to avoid any dumping of waste into the harbor, a ban on incinerating waste and a requirement for greenhouse gas emissions offsets.

“Working with the cruise lines, we believe we have developed probably the most stringent environmental requirements ever for an event like this anywhere in the world and we are pleased to be doing our part to ensure Vancouver hosts the greenest games possible,” said Robin Silvester, Port Metro Vancouver’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Winter Games, beautiful Vancouver and a cruise ship…what more could you ask for?

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