It takes a special kind of person to be a cruise director. Twenty-five years ago, the CD had an act and ran the bingo games. Today’s CD is a professional manager and the face of the ship. One of the best of the new breed is Josh Waitzman.

Josh Big Sexy Weitzman and Cruise Dork

Big Sexy and Cruise Dork

Hailing out of Chicago, Josh is a man who has truly found his calling. In his seven years with Carnival Cruise Line so far, he has managed to serve on no less than 17 different ships. The hours are brutal, averaging 16 hours a day seven days a week for months at a time, and yet Josh is always found with a smile and a laugh at the ready. Early in the morning you’ll find him taping his Morning Show, in the afternoon he’s getting guests to give their best Tarzan yell as a prelude to the Marriage Game and then he’s leading the midnight party on the Lido deck. Somewhere in between he runs a department that provides all the entertainment on board. He plays the roles of manager, promoter, and even father figure to the young dancers and musicians under his care. Whatever Carnival is paying him, I guarantee it isn’t enough for all he does, but Josh considers himself one of the luckiest men alive. We should all love our work the way he does.

Recently, the Cruise Dork caught up with Big Sexy as his fans call him, aboard the Carnival Dream and sat down to talk about what a CD does and what advice he would give to new cruisers.

Here is Big Sexy himself to tell you as only he can do.

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  1. Josh are you still on the Carnival Conquest?

  2. Barry McConnell

    Josh doesn’t monitor this site. I would suggest trying on his Facebook page instead
    Twitter: CruiseDork

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