We try to cruise every year on our anniversary (Kim’s first cruise ever was our honeymoon). A ship we both like is the Carnival Liberty and it was great that not only had it been given the FunShip 2.0 upgrade but it was sailing the Exotic Caribbean run on our anniversary. To really make it special we discovered that our very favorite cruise director had just been transferred to the Liberty.

As great as it was to see Josh “Big Sexy” Waitzman again, it was a treat to meet his newest side-kick Gayve “Flower” Kazak. All I can say is what a team! Fortunately, they were able to squeeze in some time to give our loyal readers some tips on how to have the best time on your cruise.

Fair warning, when these two get going you may be laughing too hard to get all the tips, so feel free to watch this a couple times. Here is the comedy team of Big Sexy and Flower…

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