It seems that in the world of cruising these days, the trend is towards bigger, taller, wider and more. While many cruise lines are super-sizing, packing thousands of people onboard new ships built to dwarf their competition, Oceania Cruises is committed to sailing against that current with its flagship, Regatta.

Oceania is a newer company in the world of cruising, formed in 2002 with the idea of focusing on quality, instead of quantity.  Its fleet includes just three mid-sized ships, Regatta, Insignia and Nautica, with a new flagship, Marina, set to launch in early 2011.

Its theme – to be the cruise line of choice for travelers seeking a refined and casually elegant travel experience – and the word “luxury” features prominently in any description of a cruise onboard Regatta.

The Destination is the Key

While Regatta boasts of teak decks, neo-classical finishings and private verandas, one of the cruise line’s most spectacular aspects is where it goes on its award-winning itineraries.

While any cruise line can bring you to the beaches of the Caribbean or Mexico, on the Regatta you can sail to Brazil’s rainforest city of Manaus, where the clear waters of the Rio Negro and the yellow waters of the Solimoes River join to form the incredible Amazon.

Or you can follow in the footsteps of Vikings, traveling from Copenhagen to the fjords of Norway, to the breathtaking ice and steam of Reykjavik, Iceland, then sail down the emerald coastline of Ireland to the thousand-year-old city of Dublin, before finishing your journey in world-class London.

While you are taking in the incredible sights, Oceania Cruises promises you will want for nothing. Regatta only holds 684 passengers, far fewer than the thousands who sail on the much larger cruise lines.  With 400 staff, there is a much higher ratio of staff to guests, allowing for more personalized and immediate service.

The spa on board is the legendary and award-winning Canyon Ranch.  There, you can enjoy an Ayurvedic body massage, performed in the ancient healing tradition of India, or you can treat yourself to an organic seaweed peat wrap, used by Eastern Europeans for centuries to detoxify and heal the skin.

The ship boasts the finest cuisine at sea. The Grand Dining Room offers an “approachable luxury on a grand scale”, with dinner served on Versace bone china, sparking Riedel crystal and gleaming Christofle silver.

Or you can choose a casual meal by the pool at the Waves Grill, which still offers the elegance of a menu freshly grilled as you watch, made-to-order milkshakes and handmade ice creams.

Next year, Oceania Cruises will be launching a new flagship, Marina, which will be larger, but still comfortably mid-sized.  It will offer guests a culinary school on board where you can learn from master chefs, and an Artist Loft, where you can study with the artists-in-residence.

In a world of super-sizing and “bigger means better”, choosing Oceania Cruises Regatta means choosing to go against the trend, and knowing that less is actually a lot more.  Instead of being one of the crowd, you’re choosing to see the world in a more intimate, luxurious and sophisticated fashion.

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