Five years in the works, including two years of construction, the joint project by Carnival Corporation and local businessman Jerry Hynds has created a cruise ship port like no other. The $62 million dollar Mahogany Bay Cruise Center can accommodate berthing of two post-Panamax class ships simultaneously; allowing for upwards of 8,000 passengers per day. In addition, more than 20 acres of waterfront property has been developed with a welcome center, shopping, two theme bars, dining facilities and a transportation hub for tour buses, cabs, car rentals and boats. Although it has only been open since Dec 2009, it has already won Porthole Magazine’s 2010 Best New Cruise Destination Port.

The most unique thing about Mahogany Bay is the new chair lift. Dubbed the “Magical Flying Beach Chair”, it provides access from the dock to the beautiful 10-acre private park on Mahogany Bay island. In past, the white-sand beach with a volleyball court, rental cabanas and myriad water sports opportunities wasn’t available to passengers with limited mobility. The 1,200 foot lift chair means that now everyone can partake. A day-long pass for the lift is $5. For those who prefer to walk, there is also an elevated walkway available.

“The Mahogany Bay Cruise Center not only serves as a gateway to one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands but is also a destination unto itself, with a magnificent white-sand beach and a wide range of shops, restaurants and shore excursion opportunities,” said Giora Israel, senior vice president of port and destination development for Carnival Corporation.

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